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10 Years of BookCrushin’!

We don’t just LOVE books, we CRUSH on them! BookCrushin is book blog to talk all things books! We blog about mostly young adult, graphic novels, comics, pop culture, and a whole lot more!


Kelly & Shannon launched BookCrushin in August of 2012, without much knowledge of the blogging world to help share our love of books to the growing YA fandom! We were already IRL best friends, and when Shannon moved to the West Coast, we thought there was no better way to stay connected than to start blogging. Before we blogged together we were a part of a very active Goodreads book club in which our passion for reading inspired us.

Over the years we have curated our own weekly blog memes like #CoverCrush, #BooksOnOurRadar, #BookRewind, #CrushOnThis, #TVThoughts & #MovieMusings, #ComicCrushSaturdays, #FridaysImInLove, and #ItsPersonal. As well as creating and building a monthly Instagram photo challenge called #SignedBookSundays, where we show off our love for authors and signed books!


Now BookCrushin relaunched in August 2018 with Kelly & Christy at the helm. We are passionate book fangirls who read and share books with 8,000 of their closest monthly blog readers. There’s not a YA genre left out between them and they love comics, graphic novels, LGBTQIA+, romance, and some adult fiction too. From covering local events to booktube interviews to creative features, BookCrushin features almost daily posts alongside regular social media posts.

Christy regularly moderated Bay Area book events and connects with her Instagram audience of 11,000 at @diamondxgirl while Kelly maintains the blog social media accounts with 5,000+ Twitter followers, and 4,600+ Instagram friends. They’ve been featured on Publisher’s Weekly and Pub(lishing) Crawl.

You can contact us by email bookcrushin@gmail.com or on any social media, and Kelly will get back in touch with you!

For more information check out our Review Policy and all of our contact information can be found here.


Meet the BookCrushin Team

Kelly (Co-Founder)

I’m Kelly, and I am the co-founder & curator of BookCrushin! I am from the Philadelphia, PA area. Love to read, and get upset when that time is compromised with work and household duties. I have a dual degree in Biology and Environmental Science, and currently manage the operations for a healthcare related company. My other interests are cupcakes, music (I am usually stuck in the 90s punk/indie rock genre), root beer floats, geek pop culture, movies & tv, and equality. Instead of leaving my house, I prefer to snuggle on the couch with my dogs, a book, and my wife by my side.

I am an obsessive collector of real books & bookish things. My favorite book genres are science fiction, and all LGBTQIA+. I love social media and I have been a member of Goodreads since it’s way back early days in 2007, and I do stay active on there.

I run all the BookCrushin social media, and I am usually on there more often than anywhere else, but if you really want to stalk me, you can also find me here as well:

Christy Jane (Co-Blogger)

When Christy isn’t devouring YA audiobooks like an EMP is about to hit, she spends her time fangirling over Supernatural, pop-punk music, and comics. She prefers stand-alones to series, contemporary to fantasy (but give her all the thrillers + sci-fi), Peeta to Gale, sour candy to chocolate, and comics by Kelly Thompson are an auto-pull at the comic’s shop (Isotope Comics is lit). In addition to contributing here, she previously contributed for Hicklebee’s Children’s BookstoreForever Young Adult, and Tales of the Ravenous Reader. You can find her at Bay Area author events and on Instagram, and Goodreads as @diamondxgirl.

Shannon (Co-Founder)

My name is Shannon but my close pals call me Shae Shae. While growing up in Philadelphia, I got more excited for the Weekly Reader than I did for recess or field trips. I now live in San Diego and when I’m not chasing after my daughter, pugs, or husband, I spend my time with my nose buried in my iPad.

When I’m not reading I enjoy connecting with all my friends back East including my BFF Kelly, watching an unhealthy amount of tv, reading fashion magazines, listening to NIN or Florence and the Machine, helping out pug rescues, and quoting Pretty Woman and Overboard.

I’m an adult but I find that the best books are those that involve teenagers fighting something paranormal whilst falling in love. Oh yes and there must be kissing lots of kissing! My favorite types of books to get lost in are: young adult, new adult, paranormal romance, dystopian or anything with an angel, faerie, zombie, or vampire in it. While it’s not rational, I’m continually depressed that Adrian Ivashkov isn’t a real person. While I am no longer laboring over this blog, you can still find me online on Instagram.

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