ARC Review: Within and Without by Deborah Maroulis

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ARC Review: Within and Without by Deborah Maroulis

We all know how lucky we are here in NorCal to have such a plethora of authors and I’d like to welcome DEB MAROULIS to the group! Deb’s debut, Within and Without, tackles several serious mental health issues while also presenting as authentic and real. Grab it tomorrow!

ARC Review: Within and Without by Deborah Maroulis

Within and Without

by Deborah Maroulis
Published by: Lakewater Press
on May 28, 2019
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult

Some girls will go to great lengths to fit in. But how far is too far?

A stunning YA debut that touches on a teenage girl's emotionally haunting journey to self acceptance.

When sixteen-year-old Wren Newmann is forced to move from her small California town to her grandmother’s vineyard after her parent’s divorce, she’s convinced she’ll die a shriveled, wine-country virgin.

Her dating life improves when Jay, the son of Granny’s vintner and her long-time country crush, notices her. She tries to be the girl Jay would want—social, skinny, and sexy. But as their relationship heats up, so does her anxiety and the need for her secret purging sessions. Still, she insists Jay is the perfect boyfriend in spite of everyone’s warnings.

When Panayis, the cute Greek farmhand, insists on being her friend, Wren finds someone who truly sees her—trouble is she can’t bring herself to look at her own reflection, let alone allow anyone else to see her as she is.

When personal tragedy strikes the night of the Spring Break party, Wren is left to pick up the pieces of her broken relationships. Now, she must step up to the plate and decide if the illusion of being loved is worth sacrificing her health, and maybe even her life.


I think what I loved most about Within and Without – and Deb – is the fact that she front loads this book with a trigger warning. There’s no doubt that a story of a girl spiraling into an eating disorder could be triggering for some. Thank you, Deb, for keeping people safe.

I am here for authentic and real YA contemporary. I read these stories because I like to stay grounded in reality and have books get me to think about things. Within and Without is a book the will make you think. Deb’s writing moves you seamlessly through Wren’s story and world (the two are intertwined). She’s experienced a transition with her parent’s divorce and a move to her grandmother’s home. Wren experiences assault from someone she trusted. Deb does not shy away from the emotions, something us readers will feel deeply. I grieved with Wren.

The story is not also without happiness. I loved Wren’s granny and her developing relationship with Panayis, the farmboy you can’t help but cheer for. Overall this is a story of persevering through life’s challenges and the pathways we stumble upon.

I can’t wait to see what Deb writes next! Luckily she’s local to me so I may have to poke her and ask ;).

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