Blog Tour & Review: The Long Game by J.L. Fynn

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Blog Tour & Review: The Long Game by J.L Fynn

BookCrushin is very happy to be participating in The Long Game Blog Tour in conjunction with Pen and Muse Press. In this post you will find all of the book series information, my spoiler-free review, and author information.

TLGCoverThe Long Game (American Gypsy #1) by J.L. Fynn

Category: New Adult Contemporary
Publication: October 7, 2013
Purchase: Amazon,  Barnes & Noble

[book rating=3.5/5.0]

Smooth talking. Ambitious. Loyal. Twenty-year-old Shay Reilly has proven himself to his Irish-American Gypsy clan on small-scale cons, but now the clan leader has a bigger mission for him: playing the long game.


To rake in the big score he’s after, he needs to con coed Spencer into falling in love with him. He knows he should see Spencer as a mere means to an end, but that’s easier said than done when there’s a witty, attractive girl in your arms.


Now the only thing that can keep them apart is the thing that brought them together: Shay’s plans of revenge against someone who wronged his clan and family years before—Spencer’s father.


Spoiler Free Review

I have a confession to make, I hate gypsies. I think it stems from the fact that a gypsy family stole a bike my Dad had worked hard to refurbish for my 6th birthday. They stole it right off my front porch only hours after I had torn the birthday ribbon off the handle bars. And then, just like the myths, they disappeared into the night. That was why I was pleasantly surprised by how engaged I was in the story of Shay Reilly and his traveller clan. With all the New Adult titles littering the book shelves of late it was a nice refreshing change to have a story with such unique characters and a distinct storyline.  Also, can we all just focus for one second on the cover and that Robert Pattinson look alike staring back with sex in his eyes?

While the book is called “The Long Game” it was a breezy short read one that I was able to finish in only a day. With the quick pacing of the book you would think that character development and the ever important romance would have felt rushed but that wasn’t the case with Shay and Spencer. I felt their chemistry instantly and although the romance happened at a quick clip it still felt genuine. Also, as a native Philadelphian now living in San Diego, it was fun and also nostalgic for me to read about so many familiar places as the latter half of the book took place in the City of Brotherly Love . Although, ladies did you really have to change Villanova University to Balanova? I was so distracted by that, lol.

I’m glad that the series is continuing in The Waiting Game (a prequel to The Long Game) releasing in 2014. The traveler clan lure and history is pretty fascinating and I am curious to learn more about Shay’s mysterious mother Maggie and her past with Spencer’s Dad, Tommy. I just hope that there is a book after this that picks up Shay and Spencer’s story or even focuses on Shay’s brother Jimmy Boy, who was a fascinating character in his own right. If you’re a fan of Irish heritage, romance, or just curious about the mysterious gypsy lifestyle, I suggest picking up The Long Game and getting in on the con.


About The Author J.L. Fynn

J.L. Fynn is the public face of a private identity. She enjoys making up stories about iniquitous heroes, providing Delphic answers to unasked questions, and obfuscating the truth just for laughs. But then, what’s an author but a professional liar? If you send her an email she might let you in on her little secret—assuming she likes your moxie.

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