Books on Our Radar: Three Drops of Blood by Gretchen McNeil

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Books on Our Radar: Three Drops of Blood by Gretchen McNeil

If Gretchen is writing it, we are reading it! Hitchcockian vibes and a good murder mystery? Sign me up. Three Drops of Blood is out March 21st and I’ve already got it on preorder!

Books on Our Radar: Three Drops of Blood by Gretchen McNeil

Three Drops of Blood

by Gretchen McNeil
Published by: Disney-Hyperion
on March 21, 2023
Genres: Horror, Thriller, Young Adult
Pages: 336

A Good Girls Guide to Murder meets Hitchcock in this novelfrom celebrated author Gretchen McNeil. A mundane office job takes a dark turn when a girl witnesses a double murder through the window.

Being an actress, Kate is no stranger to drama. And when her chance at a leading role gets cancelled, she is willing to do whatever it takes to get her acting career back on track even if that means getting a boring office job at her best friend's father's law firm so she can prove to her parents she can to support herself rather than go back to high school. Now, rather than living life on the big screen, she is stuck filing mundane contracts and watching the people in the office across from hers live their equally boring lives.

But when Kate sees things heat up between a woman and her assistant, her new source of entertainment take a turn for the worse when she witnesses a double murder. Now, she must get anyone to believe her and find out who this mystery woman is to get answers. But as she learns more and more about the circumstances leading to the gruesome act, she begins to realize there is a bigger mystery under the surface...

In this voyeuristic thriller filled with twists and turns, can Kate get anyone to believe her before she becomes the next victim?

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