Casting Call: Divergent

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With the news that the Divergent movie finally got a release date, March 21, 2014 to be exact, we thought we’d throw our hat into the casting ring.  So who do you envision as Tris, Four, Christina, or Peter? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

Tris:  Is 16 years old and is described as having a long narrow face, wide and round blue eyes and a long thin nose. She has long blonde hair. She describes her body as being like a 12 year olds as she is short, flat chested and willowy. She is not pretty but has been told she has striking features.

Casting choice: Saoirse Ronan

Why Saoirse? She has the right look, she’s short, very thin, has the wide set eyes, larger nose, and her face is unique enough to be captivating but not so beautiful that she couldn’t pull off this part. If anyone has seen her in Hanna she has the bad ass part down pat, and showed great vulnerability in Atonement.

Four:  Is 18 years old, he is described as tall and lean but muscular. He has deep set dark blue eyes, a full bottom lip, a smattering of freckles on his nose and short dark brown hair. In addition, he has various tattoos that cover his physique each a tribute to the four factions.

Casting choice: Colton Haynes

Why Colton? Look at him! Those dark broody eyes, the freckles, that bottom lip! He has a rugged quality about him that reminds me so much of Four, especially in this picture. Plus I’ve seen him do really physical stuff on Teen Wolf and know that he could handle all those crazy dauntless action scenes!

Christina: is described as pretty with chin length black hair, dark chocolate skin, dark eyes and is said to be tall and lean, with long slender legs.

Casting Choice: Meghan Tandy

Why Meghan: I have to admit I’m not sold on this choice, but I haven’t really found anyone that fully embodies all of Christina’s characteristics. Meghan is sassy and tough on Jane by Design. I think if her hair was shorter she’d really look like the Christina in my mind.

Peter: is described as being tall, with dark very shiny hair, he has wide green eyes, a wide white smile, and eyebrows that turn up naturally.

Casting choice: Jake Abel

Why Jake: Although I couldn’t find a pic of him with dark hair his face exudes just enough smugness that reminds me so much of Peter. He has lighter eyes, the wide smile. I can totally see this guy stabbing someone in the eye.




2 responses to “Casting Call: Divergent

  1. OMG These are great choices! FOUR–aka – Colton-holy swoon!!! He is effing perfect! And I think Saoirse would be a great tris! She would be perfectly buttoned up and then her wild side would just be a huge breakthrough!!!

    perfect choices!

  2. I totally agree but I imagined Jake Abel more as Eric, but with more piercings… The others look amazing for these characters. Good job!