Comic Crush Saturday: March 9, 2019

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Comic Crush Saturday: March 9, 2019

Welcome to Comic Crush Saturday, our bi-weekly feature focused on the graphic elements of the book world. Comics became a huge part of my life a few years ago when I started reviewing them (and comic related TV shows) on Forever Young Adult. I’ve maintained a pulllist through my local comic shop, Isotope Comics, and even got Kelly to start one ;). You’ll find mini-reviews, what we’ve read recently, and more so check it out!

Featured Book Movie of the Week:

LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 27: Brie Larson attends the UK Gala Screening of Marvel Studios’ “Captain Marvel” at The Curzon Mayfair on February 27, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images for Disney)

Carol Danvers is absolutely one of favorite heroes because she’s just so dang relatable. She’s also the most powerful hero in the Marvel universe (move over, Thor and Hulk). So of course I had to see her on the big screen right away. Bring a few tissues for the Stan Lee tribute at the beginning – I dare you not to cry.

If Stranger Things is our 80s nostalgic callback, Captain Marvel is the 90s grunge revival where flannel rules, action scenes take place to No Doubt, and communication is a sophisticated two way pager. Going into the movie, I was curious why this movie was set in the 90s. I had no idea how much Marvel backstory was going to be packed into one movie. I had no idea how many questions I yearned for answers for and now have.

Opening on Hala, we learn Vers has no memory of her Kree past. Her life before recently is blank and she’s tasked with fighting the Skrull invasion. We quickly learn her (male) superiors find her lacking due her ~emotions~. 

Captain Marvel fans are aware that her sharp thinking combined with empathy are what make her the great superhero she is. Her emotions are ultimately what make the movie so great. I adored her friendship with Maria Rambeau and how she slipped easily into the aunt role to her daughter.

In this version of the canon, the Skrulls are presented as the invading entity, seeking to take over planets. The Kree are tasked with stopping the invasion. Unlike the typical canon, the Skrulls are seeking refuge, which the Kree never share with their operatives. What was originally a story of two waring villains becomes a political allegory for our contemporary world. Captain Marvel becomes Carol Danvers, eventually recovering her memories and serving justice in the form of her fists.

Central to the MCU are Fury and Coulson and Captain Marvel fits nicely with filling in their backstory. Coulson a fledgeling agent and Fury rocking the double vision. Not to mention some backstory on the ending of Infinity Wars and certain lost relics.

Strap yourself in, Captain Marvel is a hilarious contemporary historical superhero tale full of angsty 90s music, untold Marvel backstory, and a mischievous ginger cat named Goose. 

Oh, but that ginger cat? Personally, I’ll keep my distance. 

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When you’re done watching her on the big screen, pick up her most recent comic adventures from Kelly Sue DeConnick and Margaret Stohl! How chic was Margaret on the red carpet?

What We Can’t Wait For:

The other (former) Captain Marvel – Shazam! I can’t wait for Shazam to hit the big screen. I know, this post is all about the movies coming but it’s kind of a big deal. April 5th is soon!

Best News of the Week

  • Get all of your Captain Marvel merch right here!
  • Arrow announced it will officially end after season 8.
  • How *fire* is this Livewire cover preview? I need to catch up on this series!

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