Crush On This #12 – Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson

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Crush On This #12 – Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson

Crush On This is a new feature that highlights my love for books that don’t get as much recognition as I feel they deserve. I will try my best to hit every genre in order to be as diverse as possible. I’d also love your suggestions, so if you love a book and want similar titles, let me know in the comments!


Crush On This:

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these! But this newest recommendation couldn’t be passed up.

So, I know the idea behind Undead Girl Gang seems sort of silly. That’s actually part of why I wanted to read it. The other part being that Lily Anderson is one of my favorite and most trusted authors. And she didn’t let me down!

Fans of both movies featured (or even just one) will LOOOOOOVVVEEEEEE this book! It’s so funny, but also somewhat sad. It deals with a lot of topics. The addition of witchcraft just adds a little something extra. It’s partially contemporary and partially supernatural. Yet it works.

Friendship, romance, high school drama, and familial relations are all dealt with. I highly recommend this for everyone!

Undead Girl Gang by Lily Anderson

Category: Young Adult, Paranormal, Mystery
Publication: May 8th, 2018; Razorbill
Purchase: Amazon

Mila Flores and her best friend Riley have always been inseparable. There’s not much excitement in their small town of Cross Creek, so Mila and Riley make their own fun, devoting most of their time to Riley’s favorite activity: amateur witchcraft.

So when Riley and two Fairmont Academy mean girls die under suspicious circumstances, Mila refuses to believe everyone’s explanation that her BFF was involved in a suicide pact. Instead, armed with a tube of lip gloss and an ancient grimoire, Mila does the unthinkable to uncover the truth: she brings the girls back to life.

Unfortunately, Riley, June, and Dayton have no recollection of their murders, but they do have unfinished business to attend to. Now, with only seven days until the spell wears off and the girls return to their graves, Mila must wrangle the distracted group of undead teens and work fast to discover their murderer…before the killer strikes again.


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