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Celebrate Independent Bookstore Day with

We are celebrating Independent Bookstore Day with and we are going to share some of our favorite indie bookstores to shop from, either locals and online! Supporting Indie Bookstores is a way to give back to your local community. Booksellers carefully cultivate books with their readers in mind – it’s like your own personal book shopper! And because we are audio readers, we love that gives us a chance to support indie bookstores without having to buy physical books (though, uh, we do a lot of that too haha). shares profits with 2,500+ bookstores around the world, and, if your local store is participating in the Golden Ticket promotion this season, you could win a year of audiobooks! So check out some of our fav stores below and be sure to see if yours will open you up to a year of audiobooks!

Featured Bookstores

Books Inc (SF Bay Area) – Books Inc has been my (Christy) home bookstore for many years now (yes, I STILL order my books from there and have my set up for them even though I’ve moved!). They are amazingly supportive of YA events and getting books in youth hands so I am happy to support them always.

Uncle Bobbie’s (Germantown, PA) – This is the shop all Kelly’s purchases support! Local & Black owned shop with the best staff, selection, and café!

The Ripped Bodice (LA & Brooklyn, NY) – We love ordering signed books from their very user friendly website since they host so many excellent author events. We both have had the pleasure of making it a point to visit the LA location when in town, but neither of us have had the chance to see BK in person yet!

Mysterious Galaxy (San Diego, CA) – the first time Kelly made it to San Diego, it was a must visit stop for her, and now she can’t wait to see their new and larger location as well as her favorite bookseller, Michelle!

Giovanni’s Room (Philadelphia, PA) – the oldest queer & feminist bookstore in our country, named after James Baldwin title, it is a historical and important landmark for Philly.

A Room of One’s Own (Madison, WI) – Another important queer bookstore named after a feminist queer modern classic title, it’s almost as if these indies are telling us our important history.

Parnassus Books (Nashville, TN) – Parnassus has one of the most organized signed books page and gets a lot of our signed purchases (especially David Arnold and Jeff Zentner books!)

Little Shop of Stories (Decatur, GA) – If you’re not ordering all your signed Becky Albertalli books from Little Shop of Stories, what are you even doing?!

A Novel Idea (Philadelphia, PA) – This little shop tucked into one of Philadelphia’s favorite streets (there’s even a debate within the region how to pronounce Passyunk Ave) & vibrant community area is not to be missed, they curate local goods and events.

Obviously this isn’t an exhausted list but these are some of our favorite indies to shop at either online or in person! So go celebrate Indie Bookstore Day this SATURDAY in your area (map link)!!

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