Jennifer Armentrout’s Best Selling Book Obsidian Optioned for Movie!

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Obsidian_cover1600Well it must be Christmas in July people because Santa has come early bearing a gift in the form of a sexy green eyed alien. It’s no secret we are huge Jennifer Armentrout fans. No seriously, if J Arm wrote a book about her love of building IKEA furniture we’d probably read it. So we were over the moon when we heard the good news that one of our all time favorite books, Obsidian, was just optioned for a movie. Sierra Pictures, who brought you Ryan Gosling’s, The Place Behind the Pines, will produce the picture.

As we’ve mentioned many times on this site being optioned is only the first step in a very long line to get a picture to the silver screen, but it’s a freaking huge step! We will of course be following this story closely as more news develops.

With that being said, let’s get down to the important business of figuring out whose gonna play the sexy and otherworldly, Daemon Black! I will be the first to throw my hat into the casting ring, please let us know in the comments, who your dream cast is and let me know what you think of my choice!

Jeremy-Sumpter-jeremy-sumpter-32147322-389-500Name: Jeremy Sumpter
Age: 24
Height: 6’2 feet of dead sexiness
Best known for: Peter Pan and Friday Night Lights
Why he’s perfect for Daemon: Those eyes, that body, that sexy grin

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2 responses to “Jennifer Armentrout’s Best Selling Book Obsidian Optioned for Movie!

  1. Good post! this topic is interesting because this great book will be a movie. now the fans of this book will have a background that this amazing book will have its movie.