New Release Blitz & Review: Play It Again by Ashley Stoyanoff

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New Release Blitz & Review:
Play It Again by Ashley Stoyanoff


Today we are happy to share with you a new release blitz for Play It Again by Ashley Stoyanoff! In this post you will find all the book information, my review and an exclusive giveaway! I read Two Truths and a Lie, the first book in the PRG Investigations series, and loved it! I couldn’t wait to get my grubby hands on Play It Again to find out if it lived up to TTAAL – and I wasn’t disappointed!


PIA AmazonPlay It Again by Ashley Stoyanoff

(PRG Investigations, #2)
Publication: August 4th, 2015
Category: New Adult, Romance

Ten days ago, someone threw a brick through my front window. Nine days ago, someone keyed my truck right in my driveway. Eight days ago, someone spray painted the words ‘stay away’ across my garage door. That one really pissed me off. The jerk didn’t even have the courtesy to tell me what the hell I need to stay away from.

Each day it’s something new, a new piece of my property vandalized, and I’ve had enough.

Wanting a security system, something with cameras so I can catch the vandal, I let my best friend hook me up with her cousin, a private investigator with the PRG Investigations team.

His name is Vance and I’ve secretly been in love with him for three years. He’s a badass, a little scary, incredibly hot, and he’s never showed an interest in me … until now.



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Play It Again First Chapter



[book rating=4.5/5.0]

What can I say? I loved Play It Again. Filled with Ashley Stoyanoff’s trademark humor, Play It Again is the second installment of the PRG Investigations series; this book focuses on Vance, who readers will recognize from Two Truths and a Lie, and Piper, a book cover designer who has been the recipient of unwarranted threats and vandalism.

Piper has been crushing on Vance for several years, though from a distance because he is her best friend’s cousin, and he has a way of unnerving her. She reluctantly asks his company for help in figuring out who is targeting her, knowing that awkwardness will ensue. And boy, does it. Piper is smart, funny, and independent, and Vance is smart, stubborn, and (over)protective. Piper has a tendency to either clam up or stick her foot in her mouth around Vance, who can’t help but bemused by her endearing bumbling. Ashley Stoyanoff really is great at creating conflicts between her main characters that is humorous and sexy; she knows how to balance one against the other without going overboard on either.

Since Vance wasn’t the “star” of Play It Again, we didn’t know much about him, and I liked getting to know his character. He is quieter than Jase and Wes, but just as loyal and caring. I also love the relationship Vance has with Jase and Wes; they are no-nonsense with one another and not afraid to call either other out on their BS, but they aren’t afraid to be vulnerable with one another. For alpha males, they can be pretty sensitive.

I liked that Piper was strong and self-reliant; she lives on her own, supports herself with her career, and has healthy relationships with her friends. She wasn’t necessarily looking for love when she hired Vance to help her, even though she had been interested in him since her college days. She doesn’t just sit back and let the men handle everything, either. She wants to have an equal part in figuring out who is jeopardizing her life.

Ashley’s writing is fluid, sexy, and just plain fun. I grinned pretty much the entire time I was reading this story, and definitely laughed out loud several times. Great job!

Play It Again: 4.5 out of 5 stars!


“Oh God, did I just wave? I swallow down a groan as a hot flush spreads through my cheeks. Crap, I did, didn’t I? Way to play it cool, Pipes.” – Piper, to herself.

“But then the song ends and instant disappointment hits me, settling deep in my gust as Piper stops moving. ‘Play it again,’ I say. ‘Someone needs to play that song again.’…I glance at Wes, hoping like hell he didn’t hear me, because Jesus, who says something like that?” – Vance

“I roll my eyes. He looks so relaxed, sounds so confident that I’m going to just drop everything and follow him blindly.” – Piper

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Author Bio: Ashley StoyanoffAshley

Ashley Stoyanoff is an author of paranormal romance books for young adults, including The Soul’s Mark series and the Deadly Trilogy. She lives in Southern Ontario with her husband, Jordan, and two cats: Tanzy and Trinity.

In July 2012, Ashley published her first novel, The Soul’s Mark: FOUND, and shortly thereafter, she was honored with The Royal Dragonfly Book Award for both young adult and newbie fiction categories.

An avid reader, Ashley enjoys anything with a bit of romance and a paranormal twist. When she’s not writing or devouring her latest read, she can be found spending time with her family, watching cheesy chick flicks or buying far too many clothes.

Ashley loves hearing from her readers, so feel free to connect with her online.

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Website   **   Twitter   **   Facebook   **  Goodreads



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