Review Blitz: Witch of the Cards by Catherine Stine

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Review Blitz: Witch of the Cards by Catherine Stine

Witch of the Cards

BookCrushin was happy to read & review Witch of the Cards by Catherine Stine. Check out all the book information & my review below!  Be sure to grab a copy for only $0.99 for a limited time!



Witch of the Cards by Catherine Stine

Category: New Adult, Magic, Historical fiction
Publication: March 3rd, 2016
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Fiera was born a sea witch with no inkling of her power. And now it might be too late.

Witch of the Cards is historical, supernatural romantic suspense set in 1932 on the Jersey shore. Twenty-two year-old Fiera has recently left the Brooklyn orphanage where she was raised, and works in Manhattan as a nanny. She gets a lucky break when her boss pays for her short vacation in Asbury Park. One evening, Fiera and her new friend Dulcie wander down the boardwalk and into Peter Dune’s Tarot & Séance, where they attend a card reading.

Fiera has always had an unsettling ability to know things before they happen and sense people’s hidden agendas. She longs to either find out the origin of her powers or else banish them because as is, they make her feel crazy. When, during the reading, her energies somehow bond with Peter Dune’s and form an undeniable ethereal force, a chain of revelations and dangerous events begin to unspool. For one, Fiera finds out she is a witch from a powerful sea clan, but that someone is out to stop her blossoming power forever. And though she is falling in love with Peter, he also has a secret side. He’s no card reader, but a private detective working to expose mediums. Despite this terrible betrayal, Fiera must make the choice to save Peter from a tragic Morro Cruise boat fire, or let him perish with his fellow investigators. Told in alternating viewpoints, we hear Fiera and Peter each struggle against their deep attraction. Secrets, lies, even murder, lace this dark fantasy.




[book rating=3/5]


Witch of Cards opens by introducing the readers to Fiera, a twenty-two year old from Manhattan who is taking a vacation in Asbury Park. While there she joins paths with her new friends Dulcie, Opal, Peter, and Tim. The thing about Fiera is that she is special, but she has no clue just how special she truly is. This book will take you on a wild ride of seances, tarot cards, and intuition.

I really don’t know where to start with this book, so let’s look at the positives first. The premise of this book is pretty amazing (no spoilers because this was written on the blurb), Fiera is a twenty-two year old woman who was raised as an orphan who ends up finding out that she is a sea witch. She has no idea that there is anything different about herself but when she meets her new friends her power starts to manifest and grow. If you like books about the occult and magic, this is something you should pick up. Likewise if you like period works, pick this book up today!

This book was actually a really slow start for me. It took me about four times of picking it up before I really got to it. Honestly, for me there was no action or story line movement until about halfway through the book. I don’t know much about the author, but it seemed like there was only explanation for about half of what happens in the book, and I had the ending pegged by about half way through the book. I was just reading it to see exactly how she would play it out. I also thought that her main character lacked depth.

All of the stylistic stuff aside, this book was set in the 1930’s. Now, my grandfather was alive in the 30’s playing as a jazz musician in some of the illegal bars, those stories always fascinated me; BUT the dialogue in this book was very distracting for me. We all know there are certain sayings and slang that happens at certain times but almost every piece of conversation had some period slang in it. It really took away from the writing for me.

All in all, if you are a historical occult fan, or a conspiracy theorist then you would probably really like this book.

I give this book a 3 out of 5 for a decent story line with OK execution.

Disagree? Let me know in the comments!

Happy reading!



Author Bio: Catherine StineCatherine

Catherine Stine’s novels span the range from futuristic fantasy to paranormal to contemporary. Her futuristic thriller companion novels Fireseed One and Ruby’s Fire are both indie award winners. Her paranormal-horror YA, Dorianna won Best Horror Book in the Kindle Hub Awards. Her YA contemporary Heart in a Box is an Amazon Top 100 in Teen.

She also writes new adult fiction as Kitsy Clare (see her separate GR Kitsy Clare page for 18+). Her Art of Love series featuring artist Sienna Karr, includes Model Position and Private Internship.

She suspects her love of dark fantasy came from her father reading Edgar Allen Poe to her when she was a child. Learn more at her blogwebsite, twitter, and on her Catherine Stine and Kitsy Clare FB author pages.


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