Review: Jennifer Strange by Cat Scully

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Review: Jennifer Strange by Cat Scully

It’s time for the scariest part of the year – when you realize how many books you’ve committed to reviewing and just…haven’t. Writing reviews is HARD and sometimes it’s easy to forget that the most important part is that they convey what the story meant to you. Not how many words or something scholarly, but a simple, “This is why you should read it.” With that, we bring you a series of mini-reviews to share some of our favorite reads in 2020!

Review: Jennifer Strange by Cat Scully

Jennifer Strange

by Cat Scully, Scully
on July 21, 2020

Jennifer Strange is cursed with the ability to give ghosts and demons a corporeal body with just the touch of her hand. All she wants is to learn how to control her new gift. Instead, her father drops her in the care of her older sister Liz, leaving only his journal as an explanation.
Jennifer and Liz haven’t spoken to each other since their mother died, but when the supernatural residents of Savannah, Georgia find Jennifer and her powerful gift, the sisters must learn to trust each other again and uncover the truth about their parents. If they can’t sort out their differences, they’ll not only destroy the veil between the living and the dead but fall into the hands of a rival family who wants to claim the Sparrow power for themselves.
JENNIFER STRANGE is an illustrated novel - a campy romp for fans of BUFFY, EVIL DEAD, and SUPERNATURAL. Cat's illustrations unveil the story of Jennifer's family history in the form of a journal with an art style akin to SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK.


Scary enough to read with the lights on, sweet enough that you can resist finding fav characters. I loved getting to know the Strange sisters, the Blackwells, and Jennifer’s dad. With worldbuilding through illustrations and journal entries, I dare you to find a more immersive read this fall. Fans of Supernatural and Buffy wil love Jennifer Strange!

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