Stephanie Meyer’s The Host Coming to the Big Screen

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Set to be released on March 29th 2013, The Host is a movie based on Stephenie Meyer’s book with the same title. It follows Wanda, a parasitic alien soul that is injected into the body of human host Melanie Stryder. Instead of following through her race’s mission of taking over the Earth, Wanda is conflicted when she forms a bond with her host and sets out to aid other free humans.

This is one of my very favorite books. After I hopped onto the Twilight bandwagon I wanted to read the only other book Meyer had written. And it quickly threw Twilight under the bus for me. The Host is well written (compared to Twilight) and as a sci-fi fan such as myself, I just loved how she pulls you into this new world and makes you compassionate to the circumstances that these humans are in. We watch Wanda actually find herself as her host fights to stay alive and that makes it even harder for you to read because you’re rooting for them both, knowing only one can truly survive.

It’s a great read and I highly recommend it. I’m super stoked for this movie, though I’ve been waiting for the second book, The Seeker, more than anything. Hopefully we have news on this very soon!

Here’s the trailer.

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7 responses to “Stephanie Meyer’s The Host Coming to the Big Screen

  1. potterican

    I have no idea why I have not read this book because it actually sounds really good. I need to get on it fast. That teaser looks creepy.

    • Read it! It’s awesome! A lot of people say it starts out slow, I think it builds up because after that initial “slow” start, it’s an emotional whirlwind!

    • I actually liked this book a lot. i thought it was actually well written and original (things i can not say about her other series). Since it’s taken like 10 years to get a sequel written, i don’t have much faith in the quality 🙁 But i would be very happy to be pleasantly surprised…

      So what i am saying is it is definitely worth the read!

  2. aileen

    I have yet to finish this book I really don’t like her writing. She’s soo boring as a writter to me I wanna slit my wrist when I read her books cas in point only read twilight and it took me 3 MONTHS to finish it because I couldn’t handle the boring life that was belle. But I will try and finish what I started before the movie comes out at least 🙂

  3. Stephanie

    This book was slow. It was supposed to be an adult novel, but I found way too many similarities to Twilight. The main character is the same character as Bella- self less, blah, blah, blah and similar love triangle. The ending made this book worth it for me. I’m wondering why the sequel is taking so long? Interested to see who is playing in this movie and whether it will be as good as the book.

    • I enjoyed the book but I’m disappointed that Meyer seems to have forgotten that if she wants to keep making money off of movies based on her books that she needs to continue The Host like she promised.

      I’m gunna write a post on the movie/cast this week 🙂