Blog Tour & Feature: When the Sky Fell on Splendor by Emily Henry

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Blog Tour & Feature: When the Sky Fell on Splendor by Emily Henry

Me: ugh aliens aren’t my thing

Also me: I have so many ideas for an alien post

I always say aliens aren’t my thing BUT the reality is I have some serious love for several pop culture aliens! In the spirit of When the Sky Fell on Splendor, we are here today sharing a few of our favorites. Check them out and pick up When the Sky Fell on Splendor, your next favorite alien story!

Pop Culture Alien Invasion:

Aliens on screen:

I can’t talk about aliens without first talking about Roswell. I was a fan of the original show and am LOVING the update. The latest version corrects the white, heterosexual homogeny and keeps the emotion and characters that tied us to the series in the first place. Highly recommend if you’re not already watching!

Independence Day is one of the first movies I can remember seeing in theaters and it’s awesome that we got more! Plus, how scary where those aliens!

Aliens on the page:

What happens when earth is colonized? Turns out, some pretty scary stuff. I loved this duology, with excellent characters and plot points worthy of book club discussion!

Clark Kent gets all the attention with marketing but what Mariko Tamaki does with Kara Danvers is something out of this world. She’s real. She’s authentic. And she’s a teen trying to learn who she is in this world!

Aliens in your ears:

No, this is not an earworm (well, maybe that Britney Spears song is) but this is a playlist full of alien songs!

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What are your favorite pop culture aliens? Leave us a comment!

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