Book Blitz & Giveaways: Summer Love by Marysue G. Hobika

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Book Blitz & Giveaway: Summer Love by Marysue G. Hobika


Book Crushin is delighted to present the blitz in conjunction with Xpresso Book Tours about Summer Love by Marysue G. Hobika. We will have the book information below, an excerpt & a couple of giveaways!


SummerLoveSummer Love (Senior Year #1) by Marysue G. Hobika

Category: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
Publication: June 2013; Onehiplitchick
Synopsis: Goodreads
Purchase: Amazon

Carly and her best friend Becca are ready to drop a nuclear bomb on summer. It’s the last one before reality sets in and they’re off on their own. Carly is ready to break the mold and stop being known as a goody-two-shoes. In order to get the ball rolling, she agrees to a double date with Gavin – her good-looking, yet moody, lab partner.

Gavin doesn’t have summer plans except to work at his two jobs and hang out in his room drawing. He likes to keep to himself, but lets his brother Nate talk him into going on a double date. Carly isn’t like the rest of the girls at school that drive him crazy. She doesn’t ask a lot of questions and seems to know when to give him the space he craves. Gavin always thought that she was beautiful, but he believes that relationships and love are a lost cause.

Will their date prove that summer love is right around the corner or will it be a dead end?

This book is intended for audiences 17+



Carly wasn’t the typical sexy girl who walked by in the hall every day at school—she was a special kind of beautiful, the type of beautiful that took your breath away. And at that very moment, I was in desperate need of an oxygen tank. Carly didn’t seem to realize how beautiful she was, which was another turn-on. I am in serious trouble of breaking my own promise.

She cleared her throat, jolting me out of my trance. “Gavin, there’s another reason why I’m glad you showed up tonight.”

“There is?” I wasn’t sure where she was going with this, but I patiently waited for her to continue.

“I’ve wanted to apologize.”

“For what?” I quickly racked by brain, but couldn’t think of anything she’d ever done to warrant an apology.

“For the way I acted on our date the other night. I was rude,” she winced. She looked cute when she thought she’d done something wrong. I ran my finger across the top of her nose.

“Girly, don’t be sorry. I should’ve been supportive.” This was the first time she hadn’t yelled at me for calling her that. Taking it as a positive sign, I rambled on, “I was a total dickhead, and if anything, I owe you another date.” The perfect lead-in. “Carly, will you go on a real date with me? And not a double date, because I don’t want to share you with anyone.” Okay, I did it. I broke down and asked her out when I’m not looking for anything. And anything with Carly would be something. She’s not the type of girl who is known for one-night stands.



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