Book Blitz & Review: Are You Listening? by Michelle Grey

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Book Blitz & Review: Are You Listening? A Personal Journal of an Ovarian Cancer Survivor
by Michelle Grey

I know it’s a busy day in the book and blog business, but spotlighting this Ovarian Cancer Awareness Project by Michelle Grey, was very important to me and to make sure BookCrushin did our part. Cancer isn’t easy, cancer awareness is also difficult. Most don’t want to think about it, until it strikes too close to home. Michelle Grey’s story is similar and this short memoir is a hope to help spread awareness. So do yourself a favor and read this short memoir or gift it to a loved one, it’s only $0.99 and all proceeds go to the Vicki Welsh Fund to help in the FIGHT against Ovarian Cancer. Be sure to check out Michelle’s author page for more release day events.


Are You Listening CoverAre You Listening? A Personal Journal of an Ovarian Cancer Survivor by Michelle Grey

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Cancer snuck up on me when I least expected it. But I imagine everyone probably feels that way. When I got my diagnosis, I was relatively young and otherwise healthy. I was a busy mom, wife, employee and aspiring author. Priorities shifted, and so did my perspective.


Throughout my experience, I sought to become educated and I learned many things – some tangible, some intangible, but all of which I’ll share with you in this quick story. My hope is to further educate and encourage every woman, even if cancer never touches you or anyone you love.


ALL proceeds will go to the Vicki Welsh Fund to help in the FIGHT against Ovarian Cancer:



Ripple Effect



[book rating=5.0/5.0]

Michelle Grey is honest in her journey. She doesn’t hold back and bares it all. She was strong and she made decisions that we all can relate to no matter what circumstance you substitute for cancer. Her story is inspiring and positive. It was an easy read and I hope you all are able to take something away from this, hopefully to always get preventative care.

Michelle is sharing with us a few journal entries she wrote during her ordeal. She sprinkles in author notes which were written now and not in her original journal. I thought it was a good touch since she is publishing this journal she wrote 4 years ago and having lived through the words on the pages, she felt necessary to expand and correct some of her thoughts from the time, etc.

Her journey was also very spiritual, for Michelle that was God, but she asks you to substitute your faith into the pages instead, because her story is about wanting to share with others in hopes to possibly help even one other woman into early detection.

“Ovarian cancer’s slogan is ‘Ovarian cancer…it whispers, so listen.'”

Ripple Effect:

There isn’t much else I can say about this journal other than it hit close to home. Michelle has inspired me to share my short story with you all in hopes I too can help others stop being scared to talk about our bodies. Ovarian cancer runs in my maternal family. One woman from every generation has died of Ovarian Cancer. Genetics and family history are important.  For the last 2 years, I have been highly monitoring my own risk. Listen to your body, if you think a change in your period is normal, which it can be, it doesn’t mean that there is anything  wrong, but pay attention to additional symptoms, as there aren’t many warning signs for Ovarian Cancer.

My story started with strange pains, abnormal PAP tests, ultrasounds, and frequently changing menstruation. So more tests, another procedure, more ultrasounds, biweekly blood work (my white blood count was abnormal for months), then ultimately exploratory surgery, that had many options of what could happen once they made any discovery. I am very lucky, even though I present abnormal cells during every PAP, it was discovered that my issues all stemmed from an extremely large polyp that was the same size as my uterus, which masked it in the imaging. After surgery almost all of my symptoms had vanished. It didn’t stop me from going the extra mile and embarking on genetic counseling to help guide my future medical decisions.

So I urge everyone to read this very short journal, join the ripple effect, share your stories, talk to your friends and make your annual well woman appointment today!


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2 responses to “Book Blitz & Review: Are You Listening? by Michelle Grey

  1. Duchess Blackburn

    This book was an easy read and very powerful. If all women would read it can save women’s lives. Michelle’s experience is a powerful story of her actual life. Recommend this short but powerful story with your friends.