Book Review: Malakai by Michele Hauf

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  • Author: Michele Hauf (website, twitter)
  • Published: December 22nd 2012 by Swell Cat Press, LLC
  • Genre: Paranormal Romance
  • Format: eBook
  • Purchase here or here
  • [book rating=4/5]

Cursed at birth, should he ever fall in love with a faery he must ransom his heart—literally—Malakai Saint-Pierre has always avoided faeries. The insatiable werewolf is known about town as Casanova, and his next conquest just may prove the most dangerous challenge to his wanting heart.

The vampire sidhe can be deadly to any man who seeks inspiration through her sensual allure. But Rissa must feed her hunger for life energy through an endless stream of lovers. The valiant werewolf, Kai, will soften her heart and she, in turn, will force him to face his greatest fear—to win her love.

When Michele contacted us to review two of her books I jumped on it. And when I realized I would be reading and reviewing Malakai, I squealed a little. Out of all the wonderful characters in Michele Hauf’s Beautiful Creatures world, Blu and Creed have been my very favorite. And since the lovely Michele announced she would be writing stories on their children I’ve been super excited. One of the many reasons I love the way Michele writes is because she’s willing to do things that aren’t exactly normal in the paranormal writing world. And that is something I look forward to reading when I open one of her books and with this short story on Kai, she didn’t disappoint. This review is totally spoiler free!

From the first two pages I was already giggling and blushing over Kai. His carefree confidence reminded me so much of Blu but overall he was so much like Creed. This is something I just adore. I couldn’t help but swoon a little (ok, a lot). Here’s this tall, tough looking insatiable werewolf who pretty much always gets what he wants. He’s confidant and knows what he wants but something is missing, and that’s his need of a family. There’s something about the unlikely couples that just gets to me, or maybe the forbidden since Kai should have kept away from any and all fairies. Rissa’s story was sad, she seemed so alone so it was good to see her world shook up. Rissa and Kai had no idea what they were getting into when they caught each other’s attention. And things change so rapidly for the both of them. Oh, did I mention they have great sexual chemistry? LOL.

There was a little problem for me… I felt like the story was too short! Kai and Rissa are so cute together and would have loved to see more of that, including Blu! Always need a little Blu. But with the sweet ending of this story I have even bigger questions about Kambriel, Kia’s twin vampire sister. Can’t wait to read what she’s been doing in France! I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants a good sexy paranormal read! While it’s shorter than I’d like, it’s fast paced, sexy and you will want to read more from Michele Hauf if you haven’t already!

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