Book Review: Piercing the Fold

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Piercing the Fold by Venessa Kimball
Self Published
Released July 2, 2012
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Genre: Fringe Sci Fi, Aliens, New Adult Paranormal
[book rating=4.0/5.0]


Do you like thinking about the unexplainable? Do you sometimes watch the Science Channel and think what else is out there in this vast universe of ours? Or maybe you just love watching Fringe on Fox? If you said yes to any of these questions then I wholeheartedly recommend picking up this indie release! If you said no to all of these then I would still recommend this story as it was gripping and had me thinking, guessing and curious up until the very end.

There is plenty of scientific background and explaining so even if you don’t think of yourself as a science nerd, like myself, I have faith that the author gave you as much information needed to delve into the world she has created (maybe even too much at times). That world is just like ours, and Jesca, the protagonist,  is living as a normal gal attending university, who is on her own and sometimes unexplainable things happen to her that leads to thinking she is losing her mind. Little things start breaking into her reality that used to only plague her nightmares and one day her nightmares are revealed to be quite true. You are then lead through her discovery and acceptance of her role in all of this other worldly action. I don’t want to give away too much of the plot…but know you will get a suspenseful story that will keep you reading till the very end. Oh and aliens, time-travelling wormholes, gifted evolution and galaxies colliding. Not too much to chew right?

There are a few things that I did have trouble with and that was mostly the structure of the book. Sometimes the POV and narrator changes and that can be challenging but once you get into the book you can discern who and what is happening. I also am not the biggest fan of forced love triangles, as I think it is overplayed…but authors keep strumming that chord so I try not to hold it against the book as it can be integral to the story. Also, all the science and background takes up a lot of time and the gripping thrilling end of the story has all the meat! I am excited to read book 2 as I understand that a book like this takes a good healthy foundation and I expect book 2 to be all action.

Full Disclosure: I purchased this book and I think it gave it a fair review, but I have been in contact with the author who is letting me beta read book 2 and giving me lots of insight into her processes.

BookCrushin will also participate in Surfacing the Rim (Piercing the Fold Book 2) Blog Tour on March 9th, 2013.

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5 responses to “Book Review: Piercing the Fold

  1. Samantha

    Great review. Being a fringe sci-fi fan this book looks interesting. I’ll have to give it a try. Good luck with book 2.

    • kelly

      I think it was a great story and book 2 is really getting good! If and when the author allows I may be able to post a review of book 2!

      Hope you enjoy, it is only $0.99 on amazon kindle right now 🙂