Book Rewind Review: The Lying Woods by Ashley Elston

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Book Rewind Review: The Lying Woods by Ashley Elston

If Ashley Elston is writing it, I am reading it. I have become such a fan of her unputdownable books with good endings. After adoring This is Our Story, I knew I had to pick up The Lying Woods. No doubt I love thrillers but Ashley brings the characters next level, leaving me thinking about them long after I’ve closed the book. Check out my full thoughts below!


What do you do if you’re a rich kid who is suddenly the outcast after your father screws over an entire community? 

You suck it up and face it. You try to find your scumbag father and figure out how he could do such a thing. And you find yourself going down the longest rabbit hole, unraveling a decades-old mystery that left me saying O M G what!

Owen is tenacious and lovable. I fell for him right away. His whole world has been shaken and he’s figuring out the how and the what and the why. The WHY is stellar. Ashley Elston crafted a mystery that I had NO idea was coming. Next level, for sure.

What I love most about her books is the ability to leave us readers feeling ok at the end. Usually thrillers leave you a little broken but not this one. Can’t wait for what’s next!

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