Feature: Otaku-A-Thon!

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Feature: Otaku-A-Thon!

There seem to be so many reading challenges taking place right now but one caught my eye – Otaku-a-thon! Otaku-a-thon celebrates manga and anime, which is perfectly timed as I need to get ready for Fanime in May! Check out the description below and my picks!

The time has finally come, friends, to announce a fun collaboration that Kristin & Alexa have had in the works for some time now! We’re pleased and excited to present OtakuAThon, a four day-event (at least, this initial run is four days) that we’re hosting from March 1-4, 2019. Our intention was to carve out dedicated time in order to indulge in our deep love of manga and anime, and to celebrate with fellow manga and anime fans, so we definitely hope you’ll be joining in. (You can use the hashtag #OtakuAThon to chat about the event, ask questions, give recommendations or talk about other things. There’s also going to be an Instagram challenge coming around the week of the event!)

We came up with a couple of challenges, and you can feel free to either read manga or watch anime to complete them (and you can double up on challenges with one manga volume or anime series). This is a low-pressure event, so definitely read or watch however much you can!

Challenges & My Picks:

1. Most recently acquired & 2. Catch up on a series you’re behind on – My Hero Academia Vigilantes (loved vol 1 and need to catch up!)

3. Adaptation of a manga/anime you loved & Revisit an old favorite – Sailor Moon (the edition I bought is just beautiful!)

5. Start a new series & 6. Recommended to you – Eyeshield 21 (this series came recc’d to me after I caught up on My Hero Academia)

7. Read another series by an author you’ve read before – Full Metal Alchemist (fan of the original show!)

8. Genre of choice – shōnen (My Hero Academia vol 17)

I am also attempting to start a few anime – See my Instagram for my full TBR today!

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