Books On Our Radar: Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail by Ashley Herring Blake

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Books On Our Radar: Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail by Ashley Herring Blake

Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail is the next adult queer romcom from award-winning author Ashley Herring Blake! Now you may not know this, but this is a companion series, where you could read these books as standalones, but OMG Delilah Green Doesn’t Care was soooo good! So yeah, read that first, and then dive right into Astrid Parker, because let me tell you the scream I let out when I got this ARC in the mail this week. Like literally scared my wife, they were like “is it a spider?” cause it was that kind of surprise scream. Anyways, these are definitely ADULT books, with mature sapphic spice as the kids say…and you will want to get this one preordered before the November 22nd release, because it’s that good, but also if you preorder from Ashley’s indie you get these cute little character stickers too (see embedded instagram post below)!

Many thanks to Berkley Books for the advance copy!

Books On Our Radar: Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail by Ashley Herring Blake

Astrid Parker Doesn't Fail

by Ashley Herring Blake
Published by: Berkley Books
on November 22, 2022
Genres: Adult, Contemporary Romance, Humor, LGBTQIA+, Romance

An interior designer who is never without the perfect plan learns to renovate her love life without one in this new romantic comedy by Ashley Herring Blake, author of Delilah Green Doesn't Care.

For Astrid Parker, failure is unacceptable. Ever since she broke up with her fiancé a year ago, she's been focused on her career--her friends might say she's obsessed, but she knows she's just driven. When Pru Everwood asks her to be the designer for the Everwood Inn's renovation, which will be featured on a popular HGTV show, Innside America, Astrid is thrilled. Not only will the project distract her from her failed engagement and help her struggling business, but her perpetually displeased mother might finally give her a nod of approval.

However, Astrid never planned on Jordan Everwood, Pru's granddaughter and the lead carpenter for the renovation, who despises every modern design decision Astrid makes. Jordan is determined to preserve the history of her family's inn, particularly as the rest of her life is in shambles. When that determination turns into some light sabotage to ruffle Astrid's perfect little feathers, the showrunners ask them to play up the tension. But somewhere along the way, their dislike for each other evolves into something quite different, and Astrid must decide what success truly means. Is she going to pursue the life that she's expected to lead or the one that she wants?

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