Books on Our Radar: Mirror Girls by Kelly McWilliams

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Books on Our Radar: Mirror Girls by Kelly McWilliams

Maybe you missed us shouting about how amazing Kelly McWilliams’ Agnes at the End of the World was (seriously, so good) but we are back today to make sure you don’t miss Kelly’s amazing upcoming book, Mirror Girls! Early reviews are calling it gorgeous, haunting, and brilliant – we are saying it’s a MUST READ in February! Don’t miss preordering yourself a signed copy from Books of Wonder before the February 8th release!

Books on Our Radar: Mirror Girls by Kelly McWilliams

Mirror Girls

by Kelly McWilliams
on February 8, 2022
Genres: Historical Fiction, Young Adult
Pages: 320

As infants, twin sisters Charlie Yates and Magnolia Heathwood were secretly separated after the brutal lynching of their parents, who died for loving across the color line. Now, at the dawn of the Civil Rights Movement, Charlie is a young Black organizer in Harlem, while white-passing Magnolia is the heiress to a cotton plantation in rural Georgia.

Magnolia knows nothing of her racial heritage, but secrets are hard to keep in a town haunted by the ghosts of its slave-holding past. When Magnolia finally learns the truth, her reflection mysteriously disappears from mirrors—the sign of a terrible curse. Meanwhile, in Harlem, Charlie's beloved grandmother falls ill. Her final wish is to be buried back home in Georgia—and, unbeknownst to Charlie, to see her long-lost granddaughter, Magnolia Heathwood, one last time. So Charlie travels into the Deep South, confronting the land of her worst nightmares—and Jim Crow segregation.

The sisters reunite as teenagers in the deeply haunted town of Eureka, Georgia, where ghosts linger centuries after their time and dangers lurk behind every& mirror. They couldn’t be more different, but they will need each other to put the hauntings of the past to rest, to break the& mirrors’ deadly curse—and to discover the meaning of sisterhood in a racially divided land.

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