Books on Our Radar: Pumpkin by Julie Murphy

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Books on Our Radar: Pumpkin by Julie Murphy

Julie Murphy is a goddess and I love her books so much and so of course we are so excited for Pumpkin! I am excited for more fat-positive, drag infused, unapologetically queer teens taking on their high school prom court! Plus the book has a rainbow spine…so yeah – slam that preorder button! Be sure to check out the preorder campaign and put this one on your radar for the May 25th release!

Signed copies can be preordered from Interabang Books!

Books on Our Radar: Pumpkin by Julie Murphy

Pumpkin (Dumplin', #3)

by Julie Murphy
Published by: Balzer + Bray
on May 25, 2021
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary
Pages: 336

Waylon Russell Brewer is a fat, openly gay boy stuck in the small West Texas town of Clover City. His plan is to bide his time until he can graduate, move to Austin with his twin sister, Clementine, and finally go Full Waylon, so that he can live his Julie-the-hills-are-alive-with-the-sound-of-music-Andrews truth.

So when Clementine deviates from their master plan right after Waylon gets dumped, he throws caution to the wind and creates an audition tape for his favorite TV drag show, Fiercest of Them All. What he doesn’t count on is the tape accidentally getting shared with the entire school. . . . As a result, Waylon is nominated for prom queen as a joke. Clem’s girlfriend, Hannah Perez, also receives a joke nomination for prom king.

Waylon and Hannah decide there’s only one thing to do: run—and leave high school with a bang. A very glittery bang. Along the way, Waylon discovers that there is a lot more to running for prom court than campaign posters and plastic crowns, especially when he has to spend so much time with the very cute and infuriating prom king nominee Tucker Watson.

Waylon will need to learn that the best plan for tomorrow is living for today . . . especially with the help of some fellow queens. . . .

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