Review: Boss Battles (Geek Actually #1.3) by Melissa Blue

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Review: Boss Battles (Geek Actually #1.3) by Melissa Blue

Another week another episode of Geek Actually! Last Wednesday episode 3, Boss Battles was released. I am so looking forward to tomorrow’s release, The Long Con! Find my weekly mini-review below, and if you are interested I already reviewed episodes 1 & 2!


Boss Battles (Geek Actually #1.3) by Melissa Blue

Category: Adult, Contemporary
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Meet your new best girlfriends. Michelle is a hard-nosed Science Fiction editor who is used to things going her way; Taneesha is a talented video game programmer who is used to being the odd (wo)man out. Aditi is a fantasy writer on the verge of her big break; Christina is a rebel on the sidelines of Hollywood. And Elli is a fan – of anything and everything that keeps are from “proper adulting.” Together they are Rebel Scum (at least in their shared group chat), and best friends through thick and thin. They might live far apart but through the power of the internet and a shared love of all things geek, they are ready to face the world side by side.

This is the 3rd episode in the first season of Geek Actually, a 13-episode serial from Serial Box Publishing. This episode was written by Melissa Blue.

Taneesha’s brother can always cheer her up, but this is going a little too far: trying to engineer her love life? On the other hand . . . his friend Diego is definitely sexy, and owns a game store, to boot. Elli thinks of her new job like a video game (complete with an evil wizard), in an attempt to make this one last, while Aditi tiptoes through a visit from her in-laws.



[book rating=4/5]

Boss Battles was definitely a bridge episode. It brought a lot of details to the forefront, gave me better insight into the characters and where they are headed, but it wasn’t a knock me over episode. I haven’t really consumed a serial book like this before, but I am sure that there are bound to be ups and downs in the content as the story needs to progress. Just like the journey aspect of a lot of fantasy books. The characters must head out and along the way they discover major things about themselves and their travel companions…you know what I am saying, right? Episode 3 was more journey to help the characters get to the next point in the game…the big CON!

I am so excited for the next episode, everything in Aditi and Elli’s timeline has been leading up to the con and we know Michelle will also be headed there too! We are given some answers to the big mystery surrounding Aditi’s marriage, as well as some insight to her flighty writer life. Elli is given an ultimatum from her parents after failing at another retail job from another store owner family friend. Michelle is still trying to work out all the new changes in her life.

Taneesha had a fun story-line where she meets up with her brother for a game night, but first…going to a game store that is not her usual haunt. As soon as she walks in, it is like the heavens have welcomed her home. A clean, neat, non-moldy smelling store front, that has well displayed games, silly signs, and a damn sexy owner. She finds herself flirting, until she realizes her brother totally set her up!

After I listen to each episode, I am constantly wishing I had this awesome and eclectic group of friends! I mean my friends all have a certain level of geek, clearly, because I need my type of people to be with me, but these ladies make it much more appealing! I keep wanting more, and that is the really good part of a serial novel, I have something to look forward to each week!


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