Comic Crush Saturday: May 18, 2019

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Comic Crush Saturday: May 18, 2019

Welcome to Comic Crush Saturday, our bi-weekly feature focused on the graphic elements of the book world. Comics became a huge part of my life a few years ago when I started reviewing them (and comic related TV shows) on Forever Young Adult. I’ve maintained a pulllist through my local comic shop, Isotope Comics, and even got Kelly to start one ;). You’ll find mini-reviews, what we’ve read recently, and more so check it out!

Featured Book of the Week


I laughed. I aww’d. Clyde wants so badly to be bad but when he’s humbled by a sweet butterfly, he starts to examine his worldview.

We are living in a time when rebellion should be celebrated. Sometimes rebellion can come across as aggressive or angry, especially for parents of young adults and youth. Clyde tells the audience he’s “bad to the bone. Actually, deeper than the bone. I’m bad down to my red blood cells, man.” But does that mean he’s unloveable? Or that he can’t give love back?

Clyde explores being “unlikeable” alongside humor, bright art, and a reformed juvenile delinquent butterfly named Mellisa Sue!

I would buy this for every kid (and grown up!) in my life!

What We Can’t Wait For

We will read anything by Tillie but this one just sounds SO RIGHT for the current world.

Comic Crush Saturday: May 18, 2019

Are You Listening?

by Tillie Walden
Published by: First Second
on September 10, 2019

Are You Listening? is an intimate and emotionally soaring story about friendship, grief, and healing from Eisner Award winner Tillie Walden.

Bea is on the run. And then, she runs into Lou.

This chance encounter sends them on a journey through West Texas, where strange things follow them wherever they go. The landscape morphs into an unsettling world, a mysterious cat joins them, and they are haunted by a group of threatening men. To stay safe, Bea and Lou must trust each other as they are driven to confront buried truths. The two women share their stories of loss and heartbreak—and a startling revelation about sexual assault—culminating in an exquisite example of human connection.

This magical realistic adventure from the celebrated creator of Spinning and On a Sunbeam will stay with readers long after the final gorgeously illustrated page.

Best News of the Week

One of my local schools is won an Eisner grant! So cool!

Some of my fav creators started teasing collabs – turns out Marvel is doing it big for their 80th birthday!

We are so blessed to have Kevin Wada in our lives to draw Angel like this. Bless.

DID SOMEONE SAY R.L. STINE COMIC BOOK? And Boom! Studios! Dream mashup.

ICYMI at YallWest. I am so grateful comics were added to YW!

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