Feature: ARC August Update #1

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Feature: ARC August Update #1



The first week of August has come to pass & we are going to give you a quick update on our progress on our AUG August Challenge. See our goal post for more details!



ARC August has been my Everest. This insurmountable challenge that has been beckoning me to amp up my readership and tackle the many amazing free ARCs we have received over the last year or so. As you may recall I have committed to reading a whopping SIX books.

They are: Five Ways to Fall, The Vanishing Season, Legacy of Kings, Fractured Suns, The Girl at Midnight, and Playing For Her Heart!

I got tired just writing that sentence. We are already a full week into August and I am getting scared kids.

I decided to tackle Fractured Suns first mainly because I am a huge fan of Broken Skies and have been dying for the sequel for a year and a half. I am at the time of this post over 50% through this book. I anticipate finishing up this one in the next two days. I have also started Legacy of Kings and am at 10%. Lucky for me I can read multiple books at one time. In fact I love to do that.

The minute I finish Fractured Suns I am moving on to Five Ways to Fall. I am nervous about finishing the challenge as a few of these books are pretty lengthy. But I am up for it!



Sara has read 3 out of her 5 ARCs already! So hopefully you will see some of the reviews really soon! It has been a crazy busy month for Sara and I am sure she is happy to have gotten some reading out of the way so she can focus on her life, kids and all of the authors she works for!

Sara has read Miranda’s Choice, Chalk Lines and Lipstick, and the Blackmail Boyfriend.

(written by Kelly on behalf of Sara)



Well this has been not the start to August I had expected, there was an unexpected death in my family that threw a wrench in my life and that was really hard on me and reading just doesn’t numb my mind as well as TV & tequila does. But the good news is I read 65% of Bounce and stayed up till 2:30 in the morning when I started it and couldn’t put it down until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I also conquered 240 pages out of 483 pages (50%) of Sweet Temptation. So not too bad, especially since I never read more than one book at a time, but for some reason I just wasn’t in the mood after all my family drama so I just decided to start a different book.

My real problem was that I put both of those books on hold in order to re-read (Mis)Fortune by Melissa Haag, a book I have read 3 times in the past, in order to help lead a read along discussion. I had planned to only read the first few chapters, grab some discussion questions and then get back to my other reads, but sometimes those amazing stories are impossible to put down even if you have read them a few times in the past.  I also blew way ahead in the read along because I finished the re-read of the book in 2 days.

After I finish the other 2 books I plan to start Where the Road Takes Me. Trying to alternate between contemporary and fantasy in order to keep my interest focused.

I do have to say that ARC August is a really cool idea and it has been super motivating to read read read all the ARCs!  Hope I have more to share next week, like some actually finished books!


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One response to “Feature: ARC August Update #1

  1. Livia

    Shannon – I love to juggle a few books in the same reading period as well. And I, too, am really scared that I will fail this challenge. In fact I said to myself, “I am going to FAIL this freaking challenge,” as I clicked on the link for this post. I am so behind on everything and starting next weekend I’ll have a buddy visiting in LA for 2 weekends in a row. Yeah, I don’t forsee a lot of reading happening. Evenings are a bust with my current contract job.

    Sara-that’s amazing. You’re killing it, woohoo!

    Kelly-I did a group read of Lauren Blakely’s Sweet Sinful Nights, and we finished last weekend. I should’ve written my review then but I was determined to finish my first ARC novel for the challenge, Caught in Us by Layla Hagen. Now as I’m reading through my bookmarked pages and highlights for Sweet Sinful Nights, I am totally fighting the temptation to reread the entire book. I just don’t have the time and Every Last Breath is calling my name…

    Good luck knocking out your ARCs, ladies!