Feature: Join the Beat The Backlist 2019 Challenge

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Join the Beat The Backlist 2019 Challenge

I love the Beat The Backlist challenge, and since we try and feature backlist titles on Thursdays on the blog, we have decided this year to be a partner blog and support this challenge with NovelKnight! This reading challenge is all about knocking off those older books from your to-read list. Any genre, any format, any length!

So I highly recommend checking out the challenge, joining in, and posting reviews of your backlist reads on Thursdays. We call our Thursday meme Book Rewind, and you can feel free to use that name too, but just be sure to give us credit/link back to us!

Not only are there Hogwarts house mini challenge, a goodreads group, a monthly reading book club, a Thursday instagram photo challenge, all to help support, promote, and read backlist books!

A backlist book is a book that was published in a prior year, so in this case anything that was published before 2019. Many blogs, ours included, share lots of current releases, and future releases, to help promote upcoming and recent books, but the backlist titles are so good and so many fall off the radar, so with this challenge, and with our weekly meme, we try to give those backlist books the spotlight!


2019 Challenge


Last year I made a goodreads shelf (which I will use this year as well, just have to remove the books I did read!), and set a goal that of my 115 total reading goal challenge, a third of those books should be backlist titles. Which was 36 books out of the 115, and as of today, I have read 41! So I successfully read backlist books, however I did not successfully review all of those books, which kind of is the secondary goal of the challenge.

This year I want to do the same and read at least a third of my reading goal, and to review at least half of them! I am trying to be realistic with my goals here…and half is more than I did this year, so fingers crossed it will motivate me! I haven’t set my ultimate reading goal, but I almost always increase it by 5 books each year, so we can assume it will be a total of 120 books, which means 40 backlist books.



I made a goodreads shelf for the backlist reads I wanted to try and read this year and semi-participated in the challenge. I plan on updating my goodreads shelf for 2019 & beyond to be a general backlist shelf of books I haven’t read yet. However, I’m not planning on setting a numbered goal at this time, or maybe at all. I did not participate last year, so I am excited to join in the challenge this year!


So be sure to go over to NovelKnight to read all about the challenge and to sign-up! Let us know in the comments if you are going to participate! 



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5 responses to “Feature: Join the Beat The Backlist 2019 Challenge

  1. Hallo, Hallo –

    I love your idea about #BookRewind is the tag you use on Twitter #BookRewind OR #BookRewindThursday? I wasn’t sure… depending on how many backlist titles I read per week/month, I might have to get creative about which ones I focus on Thursdays – as I also love Novel Knight’s post challenge on Thursdays for topic/theme backlist reviews, so that’s at least two backlist reviews scheduled for Thursdays!! (smiles)

    I’m not over extending my goals either – between my Classics Club List, my 70 Authors Challenge and my overall interest in Beat the Backlist to get back into three! series I’ve missed reading over the five years I’ve been a book blogger – I’ll have a lot to pull from! Plus, I want to also include stories I found via Twitter and/or featured on my blog but never had the chance to read.

    I decided to take a serendipitous route into my backlist — reading what motivates me each week/month and going with it from there. There are LOADS of stories waiting for me and if I can put a dent in what I have itched to read for awhile, that will be a wicked good year for me!

    Happy readings!!

    • We mostly use the tag #bookrewind So please use it too so that way we can help promote! I highly recommend combining with #beatthebacklist as well!