Feature: YA Cult Stories

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Feature: YA Cult Stories

The last few years have been great for YA cult stories, with more coming in 2021! Fans of cult fiction can find a little bit of everything in YA cult stories – horror, historical, post-cult aftermath, dystopian, and more! If you’re looking for your next cult read, look no further.

YA Cult Stories

The Project by Courtney Summers – Out now, The Project is not to be missed. This book will have audiences examining their own empathy and ability to end up in a cult. Book clubs will love The Project! Grab some preorder goodies here!

Those Who Prey by Jennifer Moffett – Set in college, Those Who Prey is perfect for people looking for an older protagonist. It’s also set in the 90s!

Agnes at the End of the World by Kelly McWilliams – Set during a pandemic, Agnes hits a little different in 2020. A little dystopian. A lot cult-y!

The Liar’s Daughter by Megan Cooley Peterson – What happens when a teen exits a cult? The Liar’s Daughter explores the after in a sensitive and realistic way.

The Last Harvest by Kim Liggett – Dark horror is Kim Liggett’s brand and The Last Harvest is no exception. The comps are Friday Night Lights meets Rosemary’s Baby and if that isn’t a reason to read, I don’t know what is.

The Ballad of Ami Miles by Kristy Dallas Alley – Another rare story of getting out, The Ballad of Ami Miles is a quick but deep look into a cult that slides back into bigotry.

Honorable Mention*: Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo – The line between secret society and cult is thin and we would be remiss if we didn’t include Ninth House here!

*Yes, we know it is not YA, but the crossover appeal for college set stories is a thing.

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