Book Rewind Review: Infinity & Omega (The Infinity Files) by Jus Accardo

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Book Rewind · Review : Infinity & Omega (The Infinity Files) by Jus Accardo

On this throwback Thursday, I’m bringing it back to a series I ADORE because I just finished the last book in the series and now have a major book hangover. The Infinity Division series is a sci-fi romance set in the multi-verse, with each book focusing on a separate set of characters. In Infinity, we meet Kori and Cade and in Omega we get more Ashlyn and Noah. What I love is how each book feels like its own yet they aren’t standalones. Check out my reviews below and key your eyes out for the final book, Alpha!

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Infinity by Jus Accardo

Category: Young Adult, Romance, Sci-Fi
Publication: November 1st, 2016; Entangled Teen
Purchase: Amazon

Nobody said being the daughter of an army general was easy. But when her dad sends a teenage subordinate to babysit her while he’s away… That’s taking it a step too far.

Cade, as beautiful as he is deadly, watches Kori with more than just interest. He looks at her like he knows her very soul. And when he saves her from a seemingly random attack, well, that’s when things get weird.

Turns out, Kori’s dad isn’t just an army general—he’s the head of a secret government project that has invented a way to travel between parallel dimensions. Dimensions where there are infinite Koris, infinite Cades…and apparently, on every other Earth, they’re madly in love.

Falling for a soldier is the last thing on Kori’s mind. Especially when she finds herself in a deadly crossfire, and someone from another Earth is hell-bent on revenge…



5/5 stars

OH BOY! Romance + Sci-fi = LOVE and that is EXACTLY what you’ll get in Jus Accardo’s Infinity. I was immediately attracted to the beautiful cover and stuck around for the amazing description. Secrets! Interdimensional travel! Secretive boys from other dimensions! YASSSS.

Real love started in your heart and went straight to infinity.

I basically devoured this book from the moment I started it. Our main character, Kori, is a slightly rebellious teen reminiscent of Banksy. Kori paints murals to deal with the grief she has after losing her mother. Her dad won’t talk about it so what’s a girl to do other than deface public property? Ok, fine…She could have found a more legal outlet but I digress. While painting one night, she runs into an ultra creep, who turns out to be an interdimensional traveler set out to kill all Kori thanks to a pretty ridiculous grudge.

Hope could gut you in the end.

Enter Cade and Noah, set to babysit Kori while her dad is away. After Kori decides to play with her life some more, Cade and Noah divulge that they are travels from an alternate dimension where Noah is Kori’s brother and Cade is her boyfriend. On the run they go, trying to escape similar outcomes to their home dimension.

Promise me you’ll live your life in vivid color.

Infinity is constant action, there’s never a slow point. In addition to all the interdimensional issues, you get the backstories of all of the characters. How Jus pulls this off in 320 pages is nothing short of amazing! She weaves characters and dimensions in her beautiful writing that will keep your attention through the end.

While the story is driven within a sci-fi setting, it never feels too heavy. Same with the romance. Nothing comes off as forced. I love that there’s resolution but the end is left open enough for a second book. If you’ve read other interdimensional love stories and enjoyed them, I highly recommend picking this one up!


Omega (The Infinity Files #2) by Jus Accardo

Category: Young Adult, Romance, Sci-Fi
Publication: August 1st, 2017; Entangled Teen
Purchase: Amazon

The second book in the Infinity time travel series is full of action, romance, and an intricately designed roller coaster plot.

One mistake can change everything. Ashlyn Calvert finds that out the hard way when a bad decision leads to the death of her best friend, Noah Anderson.

Only Noah isn’t really gone. Thanks to his parents’ company, the Infinity Division, there is a version of him skipping from one dimension to another, set on revenge for the death of his sister, Kori. When a chance encounter brings him face-to-face with Ash, he’s determined to resist the magnetic pull he’s felt for her time and time again. Because falling for Ash puts his mission in danger.

But there’s more going on in Ash’s alternate universe than either of them knows: a mysterious project called Omega. A conspiracy spanning multiple Earths and revolving around none other than Ash. Its creators would do anything to keep Omega secret…




5/5 stars

Having read (and loved) Infinity, I was so hyped for Omega. All of the things I loved then – the characters, their chemistry, inter-dimensional travel, edge of your seat action – return in full force in Omega.

All the versions of us have this crazy connection. He wasn’t in love with me—I was never in love with him—but it’s like we couldn’t help ourselves. That’s why he was so vehemently against anything ever happening between us. We were drawn to each other—like we are. But you didn’t have an Ashlyn where you come from, and I had a Noah. He might not have been my perfect Noah, but he was all I got and for as long as I live, I will be thankful for him. Your perfect Ash might be out there somewhere. If you don’t let me help you get your friends back, you’ll never have the chance to find her.

Told in multiple points of view, Omega tells the story of Ashlyn and Noah while keeping Kori and Cade as secondary characters to the next phase in the Infinity series. Jus pulls back the layers on the onion as the story unveils itself, going deeper and deeper into how truly evil the creator of the Infinity project is.

If I said good point, then I was a heartless bastard willing to sacrifice an innocent girl to save his friends—and a liar. If I spoke the truth, that I would rather hack each of my toes off with a machete then tap dance through a vat of salt before letting her hand herself over to those bastards, then I was insane. One of those freaks who believed in love at first sight. Which I wasn’t. I was…what the hell was I?

I have to admit, the whole time I was reading, I felt a massive case of whiplash. There was so much going on all the time and I was constantly shocked by how deep some of the history of the project goes. The sci-fi elements work in tandem with the slow burn romance. Jus is a master at the zingers – sentences or short passages that leave you breathless. Again, if you love sci-fi books with character chemistry, I highly recommend this series!



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