It’s Personal Saturdays with Kelly and Christy: Favorite Sports & Teams

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It’s Personal Saturdays with Kelly and Christy: Favorite Sports & Teams

Welcome to fall, where many sports are kicking off their season and people are gearing up to yell at their TVs. We decided to chat a little about the sports that interest us most to kick us off into fall! Go team!


Kelly’s Sports & Teams

I am a huge sports fan. I watch baseball and hockey regularly. I am a true Philadelphian, and all my love is seeped into our national teams, Phillies, Flyers, and Eagles. Oh, and I also just have to say it (it’s the law), the Eagles are the Superbowl Champions! On fall weekends it is pretty much all sports on TV, starting with the Premiere League (soccer) which airs early here since its being broadcasted from the UK. Then it is football, baseball, and hockey! I will watch almost any sport, however basketball is the exception…I loathe basketball. Also the MMA makes me cringe, and golf makes me sleepy.

Well the big news this week in Philly sports is that our 50 year old, NHL team, the Flyers, have just unleashed a mascot…and yes, unleashed. Gritty is like all of Philly, a little rough around the edges but full of heart. Seriously, if you watch sports at all, or follow internet trends, you have seen this news. At first it’s scary and I just want to nope out of it…then you watch him slip and fall on the ice, dump popcorn on fans, and boom, fills your little black heart with some love and laughter.

I also find most of these sports times to read a book as well as pay some attention to the TV. It is even more fun to read sport related books! Some of my favorites are about the Olympics (which is like my favorite 2 weeks of TV, every 2 years). Most sports books are sports romance books so keep that in mind with my little list, some are adult/new adult for sure.


I also just started A Heart in a Body in the World by Deb Caletti, and it may be a tough read, but I hope there is catharsis here, at least I am sure there is or Christy wouldn’t have recommended it, although it did come with the warning.



Christy’s Sports & Teams

So it’s only recently that I’ve recognized that I have sports. Ball games typically bore me so when people ask Raiders vs 49s or A’s vs Giants – I’m like uh. But now that I joined the fitness world, I found the sports that work for me. Or maybe I always knew, considering my preferred books tend to be sports without balls.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve sought a sport to be part of. It was a while before I realized that the activities I spend most of my time doing – lifting weights and running – are sports. Duh. I get excited when it’s time for a big run (legit teared up when Des Linden won Boston) or a power/Olympic weightlifting match or even CrossFit games. The US powerlifting competition is coming soon and I’m eagerly awaiting the women’s meets. I hope in the next two years to compete in an Olympic weightlifting competition! But for now, I’m planning a Spartan Super obstacle course race, full marathon, and Olympic triathalon.

A few sport books that have resonated with me:

I know Kelly mentioned A Heart in a Body in the World and I can’t say enough amazing things about this book. It will break you and you will thank it. So check it out and all of the books we’ve listed here – there’s something for everyone!


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