New Release Review: Coffee House Stories by Annabelle Garcia

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New Release Review: Coffee House Stories by Annabelle Garcia

BookCrushin is happy to help share the new release of Bella Garcia’s Coffee House Stories! In this post you will find all the book information, our review and some teasers! Hope you enjoy!


Cover 7Coffee House Stories by Annabelle Garcia

Category: Short Stories, Contemporary
Publication: March 20th, 2015
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Things are never quite what they seem. On the corner, just down the street is a coffee house. You’ve seen it before. Maybe you haven’t paid very much attention to it, after all there are coffee houses on every corner. But this one is different, a little eclectic, the perfect place for all the artsy types. Writers, thinkers, musicians and artists congregate there each day. From early morning to late in the evening, something is going on. Did you know that each of them has a story to be told? Each day is a little window into the life of someone you don’t even know. So join me as we enter The Coffee House and take a peek into the life of a few of the regulars. Who knows, you might make a friend or two.







[book rating=4.0/5.0]
Things are never quite what they seem.

Coffehouse Stories, a short-story collection by debut author Annabella Garcia, is a warm, sweet anthology of interconnected excerpts into the lives of patrons of a neighborhood coffee shop. There’s Mae, the newest member of the coffee house staff; Sissy, also known as “Blender Girl,” is Mae’s coworker and mentor; Claire and Skyler; Craig and Peggy Sue; and, John and Sam. The writing is intimate and engaging, creating believable people and settings. I had no problems envisioning the action, and I don’t even frequent coffee shops. The stories are quick, and left me wanting more, which is a good thing; if they were boring, I wouldn’t care to find out what happens with Mae and Tony or Claire and Sklyer.

Coffee House Stories: 4/5 Stars: Sweet, fun, and inviting; great content that needs a bit of polishing from an editor to be perfect.


“Do I know you?” He looked at her quizzically. She felt like a balloon with a slow leak.

He ended the call abruptly. A look of shock came over his face as he turned and saw a goddess.


Author Bio: Annabelle Garcia10425076_1544776039095848_1011475832040569313_n

Annabelle Garcia is, first and foremost, an avid reader. It was while trying to pass on the love of reading to her children she began to think about stories that they might one day like to read. This was the motivation for her to become an author. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Annabelle is a Houston Texans fan, and loves to watch NASCAR. She attends church with 3 of her children in Baytown, Texas at Coat of Many Colors Ministries. She is raising 4 children and the two oldest love to contribute ideas and illustrations for her stories. If she should ever find herself with a lack of inspirations or ideas for something to write about, she can always be sure that one of her children will soon remedy the situation.

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