News: Launches Bookstore Link

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News: Launches Bookstore Link Launches Bookstore Link to help generate sales and support more independent bookstores through one simple link!

Instead of linking to the conglomerate giants, Bookstore Link allows the person clicking the link to choose their independent bookstore to buy the PRINT or AUDIO book!

It also simplifies the linking from authors, bloggers, and book enthusiasts to be able to share one link that will work for both audio and print WHILE supporting independent bookstores!

I believe independent bookstores are essential to their communities, so I’m spreading the word about Bookstore Link, built by Launched today, Bookstore Link makes it easy to link to specific books and drive sales to ALL independent bookstores.

When someone links to a book on Bookstore Link, the reader chooses their independent bookstore and is connected to that bookstore’s website to make their purchase. The best part? THE BOOKSTORE KEEPS 100% OF THE BOOK SALE.

As we enter a new decade and see the continued challenges that bookstores face, let’s do all we can to support them—because when independent bookstores thrive, so do our communities.

Here’s to a new way of linking in 2020! 

You can buy audiobooks and print books without being a member, but if you listen to audiobooks we highly recommend joining and getting the benefits of a first time member and get 3 audiobooks for the price of 1! Click the link below for specific offer!

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Bookstore Link was built by, the Seattle-based audiobook company that splits profits with local bookstores. Committed to supporting the growth and success of its 875 partner bookstores, hopes to provide a solution for authors, publishers, and media to direct sales to bookstores’ websites.

“Local bookstores are vital to communities and Bookstore Link is one way authors can bolster the movement to shop local,” said Mark Pearson, co-founder and CEO of “Linking to bookstores instead of Amazon is vital to keeping bookstores surviving and thriving. The average bookstore in the U.S. has a net annual income of less than $10k, so every sale counts.”

Bookstore Link simply connects readers—and their book purchases—to their local bookstores online. 


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