Review: Ignite the Stars by Maura Milan

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Review: Ignite the Stars by Maura Milan

Ignite the Stars is the space opera you need, with its diverse and relatable cast, non-stop action, and discussion-worthy themes. This book took me by storm and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. With the sequel (Eclipse the Skies) cover dropping today, I thought I would share why I loved it so much. Pick it up now to get ready for book two to drop on September 3rd!


“Who knew that the great I. A. Cōcha would turn out to be a seventeen-year-old girl?” Ia sighed. “I did. I knew.”

And what a great Ia is. I am speechless with how incredible Ia is and I can’t wait to get more of her, amongst other things.

Here’s what I loved about Ignite the Stars:

  1. Characters you can’t help but connect with and feel for. Ignite the Stars is told in 3 POV, Ia, Brinn, and Knives. They begin as strangers, somewhat at odds. Ia, the criminal who is forced into training for the very entity she despises. Brinn, her unwilling roommate and fellow trainee. And Knives, the teacher and person in charge of keeping Ia imprisoned. Watching them shift into a team, bringing their own stories and experiences as strengths is a marvel and I need more right now.

“The only way you can live with your past is to recognize that every decision you make in your life will make you stronger. There’s no such thing as right or wrong, Brinn.”

2. A plot set side by side within a character driven story. We get into the meat of what’s happening in the galaxy and experience the tiniest tip of the iceberg at the very end. Imperialism, racism, corruptions – honestly, it was like staring in the face of our own world. To say I was on the edge of my seat with the action is an understatement. I marathoned the end of this book.

“There are times when the world will grow black. And you will feel there is nothing else,” he whispered as his fingers lightly combed through Ia’s soft black hair. “That’s when you have a choice. You can stay put, so it can do what it will to you.” He opened Ia’s hand and placed a crimson feather upon her palm. The feather was light and tickled her skin, but there was a warmth to it that reached deep. “Or you can rise above the clouds. And fly.”

3. The fact that there’s a book 2. I really want to know the real story behind Knives’ sister because I can feel there’s more there. GIVE IT TO ME.

I am here for all the fun, diverse YA space operas. This one is a shining star and I hope you’ll pick it up!

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