Review: #MurderFunding by Gretchen McNeil

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Review: #MurderFunding by Gretchen McNeil

If you’re not reading horror in the month of October, what are you doing with your life? Gretchen McNeil has the perfect library for you to read through during October (and at any time, of course). I just finished #MurderFunding and was left needing more after that ending. The book is a whole new take on the Paniac world and I am here for it. Check out my review below and join us for a read-a-long (uh, I may have gotten ahead of schedule because I couldn’t put it down) where you have a chance to name a character in a future book!

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Review: #MurderFunding by Gretchen McNeil

#Murderfunding (MurderTrending, #2)

by Gretchen McNeil
Published by: Freeform
on August 6, 2019

WELCOME TO WHO WANTS TO BE A PANIAC?, the latest reality TV show on the hunt for the next big-hit serial killer. But don’t worry—no one is actually going to murder anyone, as real as the fake gore and pretend murder may appear . . . uh, right?

Seventeen-year-old Becca Martinello is about to find out. When her perfectly normal soccer mom dies in a car crash, a strange girl named Stef appears to let Becca know that her deceased mom was none other than one of Alcatraz 2.0’s most popular serial killers—Molly Mauler. Soon, Becca ends up on Who Wants to Be a Painiac? to learn the truth about her mom’s connection to Molly Mauler, but things turn sinister when people are murdered IRL. Will Becca uncover dark secrets and make it out of the deadly reality show alive? Or will she get cut?


If anyone can take the current US presidency and add a bucket of murder somehow turning it into a palatable story we can all read, it’s Gretchen McNeil. 

#MurderTrending was a murderous ride featuring a familiar world and #MurderFunding takes all of this and kicks it up a notch. Set a bit after the end of #MurderTrending, the #CinderellaSurvivor crew take a backseat as a new crew of Paniacs are recruited for the next generation of murder. 

I can’t say much without giving away the story but I can say this:

  • The deaths in this book are 10x more horrific and they’ll have you desperate to look away but also clamoring to read every page.
  • Yes, we see familiar faces from the first book.
  • Yes, the questions left over from book 1 get resolved.
  • There are several big twists that you won’t see coming.
  • The End. Or is it?

All in all, the most fictional part of the story is not the murder and mayhem but that the senate would impeach the president (who is not Trump buttttt…….). 

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