Review: Storm and Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout

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Review: Storm and Fury by Jennifer L. Armentrout

I picked up Storm and Fury because the idea of a Gargoyle protector sounded so interesting to a Urban Fantasy/Paranormal reader I knew I just had to try this book. Now I need to do some history on this series and read The Dark Elements trilogy that precedes this book.


Angels, Ghosts, Demons and Gargoyles, what more could you want!? There is romance, action and some serious humor as well as some apt pop culture references. My favorite character was Peanut, a Ghost that stays with Trinity because he is hilarious and absolutely stuck in the 80s.

Imagine a half angel teenage girl under house arrest by a house pf overbearing Gargoyle protectors and you have Trinity. Trinity is a character who is easy to connect with, she just wants a life beyond the compound and so she naturally rebels and puts herself into dangerous situations time and time again. This is unfortunate for her best friend and sworn protector Misha, especially when he just wants a little romance.

One of the most interesting and humanizing things that the author did was give her a rare eye disorder that is causing her to lose her sight slowly causing her to be very reliant on her protectors at the compound even though she is a powerful Nephilim. I found the way the author wrote her frustration with her disorder and her life as a coddled teenager to be a interesting plot device which helped the story and character be more than a 2d image.

While reading Storm and Fury the author totally had me going, ok I got this story, I know where this is going, and loving it and then she threw a huge plot twist in and sent me on a 90 degree angle away from where I thought the story was going. I had the let me sit here for a few minutes like oh my god, did that really just happen! Oh now I need more, and book two yesterday.

I totally recommend this book to readers who would like a Paranormal Romance style novel. Just a warning, you may want to have a friend around to talk about the book to who can sympathize.

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