Author Interview: Road to Eugenica by A.M. Rose

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Author Interview: Road to Eugenica by A.M. Rose

Road to Eugenica by A.M. Rose was released at the beginning of February and I am thrilled to interview A.M. Rose! Check out all the book information, an excerpt, and find out what Hogwarts house A.M. Rose is in!


Road to Eugenica by A.M. Rose

Category: Young Adult, Sci-fi
Publication: February 5th, 2018; Entangled Teen
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Two dimensions – And the girl who connects them.

Yesterday, Drea Smith couldn’t do anything spectacular—even walking and texting at the same time was a challenge. But today, she suddenly has more answers than Google, can speak and understand numerous languages, and she can fight. Like a boss.

Super freaky.

Drea has no idea where her encyclopedic knowledge has come from, but she’ll take it when she discovers someone out there knows her secret and wants her badly. And that they’ve been searching for her since she was born.

Since she was created.

With the help of her best friend Dylan, who just wants to keep her safe, and Maddox, a mysterious new boy who is prepared to get her answers, Drea will have to push her new skills to their limit as she uncovers nothing is quite what it seems.

As she uncovers…Eugenica.



“Road to Eugenica is totally addictive with an ending that will blow your mind! Between one sassy heroine, two sigh worthy guys, and a mystery that keeps you up late into the night, A.M. Rose’s debut novel is a must read.” —Tracy Goodwin, international bestselling author of the Shadow Souls series

“Awesome concept, fantastic characters—a must read!” —Jus Accardo, author of the Infinity Division series



A tap sounds on my window. Green eyes stare in at me like yesterday in the woods. They rip through me and send terror down my spine.


I open my mouth to scream, but my breath catches in my throat and I choke. Gag. Unable to take in any more air. He smirks, crinkling the crescent-shaped scar under his eye, and his lips form the word “soon.” I want to run screaming for the door, but I can’t. All I can do is roll over and stare at the pictures on my wall. But he’s there, too, staring back at me from the images. Green eyes so bright they paralyze me. I’m a prisoner trapped inside my own body. My eyelids turn to lead weights and close before I can get away.


1. Road to Eugenica is a multi-dimensional sci-fi book…what inspired you take on this narrative?

I knew from very early on who my main character was going to be, so I started to ask myself, “What makes her different?” This lead to a number of other questions, and when I saw an ad for The Home of the Future it clicked that I wanted my girl to be from a place like this add. Somewhere technology far exceeds what we have today, but I didn’t want it to be set in the future. So that is how I came up with this other dimension.


2. I am a huge sci-fi fan, be it books, tv or movies, would you share with us some of your favorites? (PS. My #1 movie love is Star Wars and runner up is Blade Runner; TV would be Battlestar Galactica & X-Files, books…too hard to narrow it down!)

OMG I loved X-files growing up. I remember being in high school and going over to my boyfriend’s house to watch it with him and his dad every week. (Although I might have had my face in a pillow more often than not.)

Right now I am super into Stranger Things. I’ve been binge watching the first season and am halfway through the second. I can’t believe I waited this long to watch it. I absolutely adore Eleven. If you haven’t seen it yet, do it. You won’t be disappointed.


3. What is your Hogwarts house, and for your main characters?

Ironically both myself and my MC, Drea seem to get sorted into Ravenclaw, although I’m not sure either of us truly are. While it’s true Drea is super smart, it definitely isn’t something I would call myself. Drea is also so much more courageous than she gives herself credit for. So she might be more Ravendore. However, if Luna is a Ravenclaw, I’m happy to be in the same house she is.


4. Since this is your debut YA book, what was your publishing experience like?

I guess you could say it isn’t the “traditional” debut year. My book was picked up from Entangled after I took first place in the 2016 PYHIAB contest. I didn’t really have a chance to query it, so I got this contract without an agent.

Other than that, it has been quite a ride. Lots of ups and downs. (But mostly ups.) I’m excited Road to Eugenica is out in the world and people are responding positively to it. I got a message the other day from someone begging me for the next book, and that really makes my heart happy. To know people love the characters as much as I do and want more.


5. Can you share with us your favorite part of publishing?

I think my favorite part is the editing process. It’s seeing my story transform that is so amazing. I’m so blessed to have been able to work with such an amazing editor. Also, I’m not afraid of the delete key, if anything I love it. I’m always telling my critique partners, “let me know if there is anything you think can go.”


6. Would you share with us your favorite part of your book?

There’s this scene where the MC, Drea is standing in her room after something horrible has happened and she’s taking a moment to recognize it and the emotions that go along with it. I think I rewrote that scene over and over and I’m really happy with how it turned out. (Sorry, no spoilers.)


7. What would you say was an interesting writing quirk you have?

I have to research everything! If I have a question at all if what I’m putting on the page isn’t accurate I will make sure I do my due diligence to get it right. Which of course is a rabbit hole, once I start I can’t stop and nine times out of ten the thing I researched isn’t even on the page, but I think it’s something I need to do to make sure the book is that much more real.


8. Did you hide any easter-eggs (inside jokes, etc) in your book that only a few readers might understand?

One big thing is that the band, New Language is an actual band. There used to be a scene where we got to meet all the actual band members too. (This scene ended up getting cut.) They gave me permission to use their names and likenesses in the story too which was super fun. I’m told my book may pop up in some music videos in the future.


Author Bio: A.M. Rose

A.M. Rose is the writer of young adult novels, drinker of too much coffee (with way too much coconut creamer), and lover of all carbohydrates.

Currently, she lives in Houston, TX with her three boys (yes, her husband is in that count) and three cats. When she isn’t writing, she is an avid reader, critiquer, (is that even a word?) and trampoline enthusiast.

She is a graduate from San Diego State University with a BA in Communication and a minor in underwater basket weaving. (Okay, maybe not the basket weaving part.)


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