Cover Crush: That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston

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Cover Crush: That Inevitable Victorian Thing
by E.K. Johnston

That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston is definitely cover crush worthy! WOW! I love this cover so so much! This color palette speaks to me on every level! I also love that the cover  is a blend of genres. It has that vintage cover look, you know like those cloth editions of all your favorite classics, merged into a modern-esque look with a DNA sequencing.  The blend of modern and vintage is just done right. LOVE IT! The story looks so intriguing, genetic matchmaking, debutante balls, romance, and American pirates! If you are as interested as I am, you can read an excerpt on Bustle where the cover was revealed. Be sure to add That Inevitable Victorian Thing to your TBR and be ready for the October 3rd, 2017 release!


That Inevitable Victorian Thing by E.K. Johnston

Category: Young Adult, Speculative Fiction, Sci-fi, Romance
Publication: October 3rd, 2017; Dutton Books for Young Readers
Purchase: Amazon

Speculative fiction from the #1 bestselling author of Exit, Pursued by a Bear and Star Wars: Ahsoka.

Set in a near-future world where the British Empire never fell and the United States never rose, That Inevitable Victorian Thing is a surprising, delightful, and thought-provoking novel of love, duty, and the small moments that can change people and the world.

Victoria-Margaret is the crown princess of the empire, a direct descendent of Victoria I, the queen who changed the course of history two centuries earlier. The imperial practice of genetically arranged matchmaking will soon guide Margaret into a politically advantageous marriage like her mother before her, but before she does her duty, she’ll have one summer incognito in a far corner of empire. In Toronto, she meets Helena Marcus, daughter of one of the empire’s greatest placement geneticists, and August Callaghan, the heir apparent to a powerful shipping firm currently besieged by American pirates. In a summer of high-society debutante balls, politically charged tea parties, and romantic country dances, Margaret, Helena, and August discover they share an unusual bond and maybe a one in a million chance to have what they want and to change the world in the process —just like the first Queen Victoria.


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    • It sounds so perfect! I want my Victorian novels to be modern day…it sounds like everything I want in a book!