Audiobook Review: Technically You Started It by Lana Wood Johnson

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Audiobook Review: Technically You Started It by Lana Wood Johnson

I am here for all the cute and summery contemporary romances and Technically You Started It definitely fits the bill! Check out my 5 reasons to listen to Technically You Started It and put this one on your TBR! Plus it’s Lana’s birthday so share some love for her today!

As a reminder, you can get 3 audiobooks for 1 at Libro.FM. My first audiobook choice was Technically You Started It!


Uniquely told completely through texts, this is a quiet story about two characters falling slowly in love. It was about nothing and everything all at once. Below are five reasons I grabbed this one on audio!

  • Told in epistolary format: I love books that are formatted outside of prose and I especially love epistolary novels through audio. They tend to come alive to me and this was no exception. Each text is voiced by the character so you’re basically listening in on their conversations.
  • Demi & bi rep: There are not enough books that explore demisexual relationships and male characters who identify as bisexual. My husband recently came out as demi and I have been seeking stories with demi characters. The demi rep feels subtle (much more show than tell) and natural.
  • Lots of smiling: I giggled and smiled and just overall felt generally happy reading this story.
  • Friendship that develops online: Most of my close friendships (and my relationships) exist because of the internet. I am always here for stories of online relationships.
  • Quick start: You’re tossed right into the story since it’s told by text. You’re introduced to characters and situations via text message, which makes it quick and fun.

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