Author Interview & Giveaway: The Best Lies by Sarah Lyu

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Author Interview & Giveaway: The Best Lies by Sarah Lyu

When Carrie Ann DiRisio sends me a message telling me to READ THIS – I listen. She has not steered me wrong yet. Turns out she was really RIGHT, too. Murder. Love. Friendship. And the messiness between is what you’ll get in THE BEST LIES. It’s out in just over a week and I checked in with Sarah Lyu on her research process, living with Remy & Elise, and more. Plus, we’ve teamed up to offer the ONLY signed/personalized ARC – just for one of you! Check out our interview below, enter the giveaway, and grab THE BEST LIES, out July 2nd!

Interview with Sarah Lyu

Remy and Elise have a complicated relationship, their friendship shaken by a murder accusation. What was it like for you when they lived in your head?

They felt completely real to me. I’d hear them talking to each other in my head, teasing each other in the early stages of their friendship or fighting about Jack’s presence in Remy’s life later on, and I’d have to run for my phone or a notepad to jot down what they were saying. A lot of it didn’t make it into the book ultimately but all of it did help make these characters more three dimensional. 

The Best Lies is a contemporary thriller – what type of research did you do for the story? 

Elise is a genius when it comes to dreaming up the perfect revenge prank, but I’m not that clever so I had to do lot of research. My favorite of the pranks that I read about online involved pouring tuna oil down into a car’s ventilation, which Elise uses to great effect in the book. 

What parts of the story didn’t make it into the finished book?

I’ve always loved the last name Ferro, which I gave to Elise. There’s a scene I ended up cutting where Elise talks about how her last name is the only thing she got from her father that she actually likes. Ferro means “iron” in Italian and she likes to think that’s what she’s made of—strong and invulnerable. 

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