Blog Tour & Giveaway: Out of Reach by Jocelyn Stover

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Blog Tour & Giveaway: Out of Reach
by Jocelyn Stover

Book Crushin is working with Pure Textuality Public Relations to host a blog tour stop for Out of Reach by Jocelyn Stover! In this post you will find all the book information, an excerpt and an awesome giveaway! Hope you enjoy!


Out of Reach Cover ImageOut of Reach (Wanderer Series #1) by Jocelyn Stover

Genre: Paranormal Romance, Urban Fantasy
Publication: December 2012
Purchase: Amazon, B&N


You can’t escape who you are, but no one ever stops to explain to you the cost of discovering such knowledge. By the time Gwen learns that her fiery red hair marks her as more than just a bad temper on two legs it’s too late to make a choice. Catapulted into a realm she doesn’t understand thanks to the actions of those around her, Gwen is forced to embrace an unknown legacy and rely on the word of an old friend who is more than he seems. Will the price of self-discovery prove too much for Gwen to bear? And how do you save the world when everything feels just out of reach.



Author Jocelyn Stover is giving away 10 autographed paperback copies of Out of Reach to celebrate the upcoming release of A Step Away (Wanderer Series #2)!  As an added bonus, there are LOTS of chances for extra entries!!!


Author Bio: Jocelyn StoverJocelyn Stover Author Pic

I’m a thoughtful, sarcastic, work-o-holic, mother of four. I must thrive on chaos because I’ve certainly built enough of it into my life already! I write during the stolen mintures of the day when the children are in bed or at school. When I’m not writing you can find me up to no good with my kiddos, or outside soaking up the sunshine.

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When Kade 1st sees Gwen

I love firsts. They aren’t always easy to write but some of my favorite parts in any book are when the author begins to reveal the history behind a character, what makes them unique, where their powers come from, or what events shaped who they are today.

In this scene you get to see through Kade’s eyes what meeting Gwen was like for him. This is a pivotal scene for these two characters that explains when, where, and a little bit about why their relationship developed. It’s also one of the first insights for readers into what makes Gwen so very special. The really fun parts for Gwen, I’m afraid, all come after this as she learns about herself, the sylph, and the supernatural guardians she’s been blissfully unaware of.

What makes this scene especially interesting for me is where it occurs in the book. Read in context you’ll see it’s a flashback sandwiched in the middle of a very trying time for Kade, when everything he believes is being challenged by those around him.


Wanderer business had me posing as a college student in San Diego. Not ready to call the operation a complete bust, I took it upon myself to scout out the Nephilim around campus, hoping to find one with the old powers.

I was ensconced on one of the observation decks in the library, people watching, when I saw her. Hair the color of sunset cascaded down her back like a river of fire. Tall and lithely built, she was exquisite. Bright eyes some indistinguishable shade of green entranced me. I was halfway down the front steps of the library before I realized I was following her. She had picked up a blonde shadow along the way and the two headed in the direction of the science buildings across the quad. I trailed the duo, but hung back a ways, careful to camouflage myself from view. Their destination was the chemistry building. Stealthily I pursued, following them to a large lab located on the second floor.

Three other people were already present and they seemed to be working on some group experiment. Circling around the hallway outside of the lab, I observed the group through the tiny rectangular windows cut into the lab’s many entrance and exit doors. Seizing an opportune moment when everyone was distracted, I slipped inside and hid behind one of the lab benches.

Evidence supporting my suspicion that this group had been here for some time was strewn about. Chemical reagents, lab apparatus, empty pop cans, cookies, and fast food containers littered the surfaces adjacent to the experiment in progress. Tempers were high and, in my assumption, the red-haired beauty was close to snapping.

She stood elegantly, head down, leaning over the countertop. From my vantage point, a heated discussion was being waged between two of the men directly behind her. That’s when it happened.

The look on her face was a potent mixture of intolerable rage and passion. It’s not a combination I’d ever seen cross the face of one so lovely. To the rest of the group, it would have looked as if she smacked the empty pop can with her hand, sending it sailing through the air. But her hand never left the table.

The power she’d used to send that can spinning out of control wasn’t physical. Even she didn’t appear aware of what had transpired. I watched, teeth clenched, chill creeping down the base of my spine, hoping to witness another display of her power. But the only other event I was privy to that night was the tongue-lashing of the century as she publicly dressed down her arguing constituents. She could give lessons to a drill sergeant.

The next day I enrolled as a student at UCSD, integrating myself into her world, tracking her every move, knowing she may be our only hope.


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