Blog Tour, Guest Post, & Giveaway: One Week of You by Lisa Williams Kline

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Blog Tour, Guest Post, & Giveaway: One Week of You by Lisa Williams Kline

Memories are created by a variety of sensory experiences and held close to our hearts when we have a positive experience. In One Week of You, a story that takes place within one week, Lizzy learns that adulthood brings new, complicated responsibilities. We asked Lisa to share an influential week in her life in honor of Lizzy and her week. Check it out below and be sure to grab One Week of You and One Week of the Heart (free!).

Blog Tour, Guest Post, & Giveaway: One Week of You by Lisa Williams Kline

One Week of You

by Lisa Williams Kline
Published by: Goldenjay Books
on February 1, 2019
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

For Lizzy Winston, one week will change everything.

Fifteen-year-old Lizzy Winston has always been a good kid—and she sees the good in most everyone else, too. When she meets the charismatic Andy Masters, she starts crushing hard. He distracts her from other parts of her life that she’s trying to hold together. Her grades are slipping, she causes her mom to miss a new job opportunity, and her friends’ actions are making her question what’s right.

Andy seems like a great guy. He’s funny and charming, the Clown Prince of Lakeside High. He loves digging up news stories for the high school TV station, but he’s got some secrets of his own. As he and Lizzy get closer, she grows skeptical of his motives. When she does her own digging on Andy, she learns that everyone has secrets—no matter how good they seem.

Someone’s pulling pranks at Lakeside, and Lizzy thinks she knows who it is. When the pranks escalate and put students in danger, she must decide where her loyalty lies. She doesn’t want to get a friend in trouble, but if she keeps quiet, someone will get hurt. In one week, she learns that adulthood brings new, complicated responsibilities. Is she ready to do the right thing if it means losing her friends?

Blog Tour, Guest Post, & Giveaway: One Week of You by Lisa Williams Kline

One Week of the Heart

by Lisa Williams Kline
Published by: Blue Crow Books
on August 11, 2020
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary

Lizzy has an unforgettable week during the summer before her freshman year of high school in this lighthearted prequel to Lisa Williams Kline’s One Week of You.

For fifteen-year-old Lizzy Winston, summer is the time to do what she loves most: hang with the people who know her best. But this year, summer science camp with her best friend Kelly turns out to bring more drama than she bargained for.

Kelly and Lizzy made a pact years before: they will never act like fools because of boys. They want to become doctors after all, and they don't have time to flirt. But this summer, Lizzy has her first crush and learns that your brain can’t always control your heart—and sometimes choosing one love means losing another.

Old friendships are put to the test as new ones bloom in this sweet novella that reminds us of how much one heart can grow in only a week.

“In One Week of You, Lisa Williams Kline perfectly channels the inner workings of the young adult mind, complete with every quivering ounce of angst, fear, and self-doubt.” -Frank Morelli, author of No Sad Songs

An Influential Week in the Life of Lisa Williams Kline

When I was in high school I went to a summer arts and film program. I wasn’t initially excited about the program, similar to Lizzy in One Week of the Heart, because I wanted to hang with my friends at the pool. Like Lizzy, my parents made me go. But I ended up having a mind-blowing experience and loving it. The teachers were inspirational. Each of us had to make a film by the end of the program. Other participants made films on the campus, recruiting other kids to play the parts, and there were some really cool films made. One other guy and I decided to try our hands at animation. I still remember his project – he used clay, and there were all these scenes of clay monsters running around, melting, and reconfiguring themselves sort of like Mr. Bill on Saturday Night Live. It was so imaginative and fun. My project was a cartoon animation of that old song “Mama Told Me Not to Come,” by Three Dog Night. I did maybe a hundred cartoon drawings, to tell the story of this three-minute song, about this kind of nerdy person, like me, going to a wild party and being overwhelmed. My dad helped me tape our movie camera to our basement ceiling and take photos of my drawings one frame at a time to create animation. I treasure that memory of working with my dad on that project. My parents kept that little film for years. I never dreamed when I started that week that I’d create memories that have literally lasted for decades. Plus, the experience later influenced my decision to focus on radio, TV, and film in graduate school. Similarly, I think Lizzy’s summer experience in One Week of the Heart will also stay with her for many years.

Thanks so much for having me, BookCrushin! I hope readers are inspired to read One Week of the Heart and One Week of You. At least for a short time, One Week of the Heart is free! 


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About Lisa Williams Kline

Lisa Williams Kline was such a daydreamer as a kid that she once stopped to pet a dog while running from third base to home in a neighborhood baseball game. Fortunately, she ended up as a writer, where daydreaming pays off, and is the author of ten books for young people, including Eleanor Hill (Carus), winner of the North Carolina Juvenile Literature Award, Princesses of Atlantis (Carus), Write Before Your Eyes (Delacorte), and the 5-book Sisters in All Seasons series (Zondervan). Her most recent book, from Blue Crow Publishing, is One Week of You, with its companion prequel novella, One Week of the Heart. She lives in North Carolina with her veterinarian husband, Jeff, and numerous spoiled pets. Their two daughters visit frequently with their dogs and as can be imagined they have a howling good time.

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