Blog Tour Guest Post – Playlist: The Marian by Taylor Hohulin

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Blog Tour Guest Post – Playlist:
The Marian by Taylor Hohulin

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BookCrushin is thrilled to be a part of Taylor Hohulin’s The Marian Blog Tour! Today we are lucky to bring you Taylor Hohulin’s Playlist that he feels fits his novel! Also, in this post you will find all the book information and buy links! Be sure to click the tour banner above to check out all the other stops on the tour!



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The Marian by Taylor Hohulin

Category: Young Adult, Sci-Fi, Steampunk
Publication: September 19th, 2014
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Fifteen-year-old Ethan Denby doesn’t know how he got on the Marian. He just woke up one day inside the body of its captain.

The Marian is unlike any ship Ethan has ever seen. It crawls on long, metal legs over dunes of salt in search of water, despite laws granting exclusive harvesting rights to a corrupt organization known as HydroSystems Worldwide.

HydroSystems is closing in, tensions are mounting aboard the Marian, and on top of all that, Ethan is beginning to think the dreams he’s been having aren’t completely harmless. If he doesn’t get home soon, Ethan could die inside someone else’s body in this wasteland of a world. The only way back seems to be through the Cloud, but how can he convince the crew to take him there when it means confronting a dangerous cult and venturing into a place where the very fabric of reality has worn thin?

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Guest Post – Taylor Hohulin’s The Marian Playlist:

A lot of authors like to pick out music to match the mood of whatever it is they’re writing. That way they can put themselves in the same emotional space the story is occupying.


As cool of an idea as this is to me, I’ve never quite been able to bring myself to do it. I’m always concerned about what I’d do with a scene where the mood suddenly changes. Do I stop writing to change from my “happy” playlist to my “all hell is breaking loose” playlist? I’m sure folks have a system in place to deal with this, but overall, it just sounds like a lot of work to me.


However, if I ever did decide to listen to certain songs while writing The Marian…these would be in the playlist. I’ve made a handy dandy Spotify playlist if you’d like to listen to them while you read about them.


Future of Forestry – Set Your Sails
I love this song. It has a sense of hope and excitement about a coming adventure, both in the content of the lyrics and the tone of the music. In The Marian, Ethan might not be hopeful and excited, but he’s certainly getting ready to set out on a great adventure.


Razorlight – In the Morning
Razorlight is a band that’s always brimming with energy, and that’s what I love about them. This song especially has a lot of energetic excitement to it, which is something I tried to inject into The Marian. It’s easy in a post-apocalyptic story to focus on the gloom of fallen civilization, but I prefer my stories to have a little more action. The song may be mostly about partying like crazy, but that phrase “In the morning, you know we won’t remember a thing” is something Ethan hopes for in the first chapter or so of the book. He’s sure he’s just having a bad dream and will wake up at any second. Unfortunately for him, he’s wrong.


The Rocketboys – Sights and Sounds
I just love the overall sound of this song. It’s a gorgeous composition, and it has a real wistful tone to it. Obviously, this isn’t the overwhelming mood of the book, but when you’ve got a teenager longing for home and a whole crew of people wishing for the world to be like it was before everything was ruined, a healthy dose of wistfulness is to be expected.


Colony House – Waiting on My Time To Come
This is another one for the “wistful” category. I also like the theme in the lyrics of waiting for something better to come. This is going to be something that Ethan wrestles with through most of the series–he feels like his life is on pause since he’s a visitor in someone else’s body. This is something I’ve dealt with from time to time when I’m in a situation that isn’t ideal. There’s a temptation to just sit on your hands and wait it out until that phase is over, but when you do that, you end up missing out on a lot of life. You end up wishing your life away.


Arcade Fire – My Body Is A Cage
Because, you know, the main character is trapped inside someone else’s body. Ignore the rest of the lyrics and just enjoy the awesomeness of the music. The title of the song is the only important part.


Author Bio: Taylor Hohulintaylor hohulin author

Taylor Hohulin is a DJ at a Christian rock radio station in Dallas, Texas. He lives in Arlington with his wife, where they are owned by two cats and a dog. He earned his junior black belt when he was twelve years old and has since forgotten almost everything he learned.


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