Double Review & Giveaway: Misty Provencher’s Hale Maree & Full of Grace (Crossed & Bared series)

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Blog Tour, Double Review & Giveaway:
Hale Maree & Full of Grace (Crossed & Bared series)
by Misty Provencher


BookCrushin is so proud to be a part of the re-release tour for the Crossed & Bared series by Misty Provencher! I am an unabashed fan of Misty & her writing! Her books never ever disappoint! In this post you will find all the Crossed & Bared series information, my spoiler-free review for both books, and a tour wide giveaway! I hope you will download Hale Maree the first in the series while it is FREE for a limited time & take this chance to buy the companion novel Full of Grace while it is on sale for $2.99 for a limited time!

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Hale Maree 2014 COVER 1Hale Maree (Crossed & Bared #1) by Misty Provencher

Category: New Adult, Contemporary Romance
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[book rating=4.0/5.0]

Hale Simmons’s life is already bottoming out and she’s only eighteen.  Struggling on welfare, while trying to keep her alcoholic father on track, her dreams of having a better life fade a little more each day.

But, when her dad witnesses a brutal accident at the bar one night, it changes the entire course of Hale’s future.

Thrust into an arranged marriage with Oscar Maree, the playboy son of a wealthy man, Hale must learn to trust a stranger to give her the life she’s always wanted.

First, Hale needs to figure out if love can ever happen by accident.




[book rating=4.0/5.0]


I read Hale Maree back in the fall of 2012 and it’s a book that I can recall as clear as if I read it yesterday. It happened to be one of the first (so extremely special to me) of the few new adult contemporary romance reads I had read. I was reading Misty’s phenomenal young adult fantasy series, Cornerstone, and as I was awaiting the next book in that series, I knew I just had to devour her newest release even though it was out of my comfort zone. Misty’s writing can’t be defined, can’t be put in a box but it is amazing, unique and keeps me turning the pages. She has this talent that not only can she transcend any genre or category, she can write the shit out of it! She makes me laugh, cry and swoon over and over again with each new book! OK now that some gushing has been done, how about more Hale Maree!

I had no idea what I was getting into when I started reading Hale Maree, but like I mentioned I had high hopes! The story started out very intriguing, but as a non-seasoned romance reader, all I could think about was who the heck even considers an arranged marriage in this day in age? But the complexities and hilarity of the story and the swell writing kept me going and boy am I glad I did! I loved Oscar! What a name, right?! Who thought I could ever find an Oscar charming…but by the end I was totally swept off my feet! Hale was strong and stubborn, which I thought was appropriate for her situation. She struggles with trust and her plans for a future. It was hard enough for her to pin down any semblance to what she wanted in life so she starts to think why not take a chance on a hot, romantic, wealthy guy?

The characters are well so well done. The story is a fun, witty, romantic read! Oh and HOT! Swoon, swoon, swoon!

My tiniest bit of criticism that kept this from being a 5 star book is I found it a little unrealistic with the arranged marriage scenario in these modern times, but that is part of the conflict of the story. Also, I struggled a little bit with the virgin chasing, which I found strange, but also know it can be a trope found in romance reads. Like I said,  at the time I read this I was a totally newb when it came to reading contemporary romance.

This book is highly recommended by me for fans of New Adult. There is angst, growth, silliness, and romance! There is seriously no risk in picking up your copy of Hale Maree, you *will* enjoy it and why not get while it is free! Just a limited time (at the time of this posting)!


2014 Hale Cover


Full of Grace 2014 COVER 1

Full of Grace (Crossed & Bared #2) by Misty Provencher

Category: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Mature
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[book rating=4.5/5.0]

Landon Grace is a stand-up guy, but running about 7-bananas-strong, from tequila shots at Oscar and Hale’s wedding reception, what happened between him and Sher Simmons was supposed to be a one time thing. A quickie, between the Best Man and Maid of Honor, at their best friends’ wedding.

But some one-night-stands refuse to be finished in one night.

Especially when they return with a hard shot of morning sickness.

Now, Landon is faced with a problem he never thought he’d have to consider…

Just how much sway does a guy really have, regarding a woman’s choice to pursue or terminate the pregnancy of his child?



[book rating=4.5/5.0]


Well if you thought I liked Hale Maree, you have no idea how much I adored Full of Grace! I of course read it as soon as it was released. You just don’t skip a Misty book! In the second book of the Crossed & Bared series, we get to follow the story of Hale’s best friend Sher and Oscar’s best friend Landon. Things didn’t start to get interesting for Sher & Landon until Hale & Oscar’s wedding night. Well no spoiler here, if you read the synopsis, but a one night romp turns into a game of get to know each other and some hefty decisions about their futures.

My first reaction when I started this series was that I really didn’t like Landon all that much, especially in Hale Maree but this is Misty, and I trust her story telling and hoped Landon would grow on me. Well let me tell you that Landon did prove me wrong. He so, so changed my mind about him and quick! Landon is a stand up guy and anyone who can handle the spitfire that is Sher and deal with her giggles is a guy I want to know! He was adorable, sweet and so damn sexy! Like sexier than Oscar, sexier than I expected! This one turns up the heat…big time. WHOA!

The story of a one-night stand resulting in pregnancy is a story told, but this one is different, trust me! This book is so much fun and feels very realistic, that is if good men really exist (I may not have the experience to know -ha!). Have I mentioned Misty writes such amazing, playful characters and such fun scenes! Oh & huge shout out to Gina, Landon’s sister. She effing rules and I may be biased *wink wink* but best secondary character ever!

Honestly, there was more to like than dislike, there is always that little something for us readers that we just can’t get behind in a book, and for me in this book it was Sher’s immaturity & possibly her giggling. But it was minor for me and nothing that stops you from devouring this  fun, quick read and thoroughly enjoying it!

I want to scream to everyone that you MUST read these books! I mean there is no ugly cry, no devastating heartbreak, just all fun and sexy! Shoot do yourself a favor and read all of Misty’s books! I may not be a wordsmith, but I can tell you this, even if there are flaws in any of her books they are so satisfying and extremely enjoyable! With only a few days left until the start of Autumn, grab these books and take them to the beach, if the cover doesn’t already entice you than hopefully my review will.

FoG Final Full Cover


Author Bio: Misty Provencher

Misty Provencher is a long-term wife, mama, and author. The first two are a bit more recent, but Provencher’s writing roots date back to the hieroglyphics she left in her mother’s womb.

While Provencher can ride a motorcycle, knows how to Karate chop, and has learned enough French, Spanish, and Sign Language to get herself slapped, Misty’s life is actually just the ruse she uses to connect with people. She is totally enchanted with them and spends her days trying to translate the soul bouquets of her muses into words.

Misty Provencher lives in the Mitten.

Author Links:

Website    |    Twitter     |     Facebook     |     Goodreads



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2nd prize 1 autographed copy of Full of Grace by Misty Provencher

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