Blog Tour & Review: Reap by Christina Channelle

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Reap Tour

Blog Tour & Review: Reap by Christina Channelle

BookCrushin is happy to be working in conjunction with Girls Heart Books Tours to bring you this blog tour stop for Reap by Christina Channelle. In this post you will get all  the book information, my spoiler-free review, an excerpt as well as a giveaway! Hope you enjoy!


Reap Book CoverReap by Christina Channelle

Category: Young Adult, Paranormal Romance
Publication: October 11, 2013;
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Foreign, or rather unfamiliar, would be the word I would use to describe how I felt.


Faintly, I could hear the glimmer of voices surrounding me in this dark haze, caressing my ears like skin against silk. I felt like I was in a cocoon of sorts, protectively enveloped, quietly drifting in some far-off place. I wanted to stay that way forever.


But we all know that what you want never really seems to happen in the real world.


Something’s not right in Mia’s head.


The first thing is that her name isn’t Mia. In fact, she has no clue what her name is—who she is. All that she knows is that she’s not like the ones who found her: Dante with his kind blue eyes, Amy with her child-like demeanor, James with his questioning gaze.


And Briggs.


The one she cannot decipher no matter how hard she tries.


As Mia tries to fit in with these people, a strange occurrence is amidst outside. And as she finally remembers who she is …


Well, let’s just say that things get a little more complicated.


Spoiler-Free Review:

Writing a review for this book is near impossible because the whole damn thing is a spoiler…I literally can’t tell you anything about the book without feeling like I am going to give something away! So I will keep this totally spoiler-free, it just means it will  be short and more about my overall  feelings towards the book.

As I mentioned, spoilers abound in this interesting story. It was a very short, quick read. The book is broken into 3 parts, the Forgetting, the Remembering, and then the Knowing – which containts the big reveal. I was entranced for the first section of the book! I turned the pages like there was no tomorrow. As the main character is discovering who she is was so well done I felt like I was going through the same things at the same exact time. Christina Chennelle’s ability to tell the story was phenomenal. I was so connected to Mia and how she started to adapt to the forgotten world she was in that I forgot something was bound to be afoot! I was so into this story, I needed to know everything…then I found out everything and it’s sad to say it ruined my love of the earlier story. There was nothing wrong with how the big reveal was written, that was spectacular, the whole story was well written. I was also dying to know more about the world that our protagonist woke up in. Just because she didn’t have any memory didn’t mean us readers wanted to miss out on what was beyond those apartment doors! Give me more please! I think the author could have done just a little more especially explaining the world she was writing.

This book could easily be rated New Adult do to some intense reality themes, but no sex or nudity, it is a heavy topic hopefully not to be breached by the younger crowd of readers. The story was well worth the quick read if you are into reading something totally different in the YA paranormal genre. The book took some risks and I am not saying everyone will not love it! Reap is fast-paced and a real page turner! It kept me guessing the entire time and even during the “Knowing.” I was keen on hearing what they would say and do however, instead I found myself a little angry when it was all over! So give this story a fair chance and read it!


Author Bio: Christina Channelle

A dreamer, Christina Channelle holds two degrees in health sciences but has always had a passion for writing. You will find her reading other young adult novels, or typing up a new story on her computer. When not writing, Christina spends her free time at the movies, listening to music, or eating sushi. She’s a reality TV junkie and has a close relationship with many characters on TV that have been a topic of many heated discussions among friends. She resides in Ontario, Canada.

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“Have you ever been in love, Mia?”
I just stared back at her.
“Because I think I’m in love with …” she shuffled closer to me whispering, “James.”
It was not like I had been expecting her to say Briggs.
“He’s so gorgeous, don’t you think?” Her eyes lit up enthusiastically as she fiddled with her choker then twirled her hair between her fingers. “His hair is so long and silky … and you should hear him speak Japanese. It makes my toes curl, it’s so lovely.”
Her eyes caught my stare. “Say. Did anyone ever make your toes curl, Mia? It’s the best feeling.” Her eyes widened. “I wonder what your mind’s been keeping from you,” she mused.
I wondered that myself.


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