Books On Our Radar: Furious by Jamie Pacton & Rebecca Podos

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Books On Our Radar: Furious by Jamie Pacton & Rebecca Podos

Whoa! Take a look at this sapphic YA contemporary about car & motorcycle racing enthusiast duo, who team up to try and find a missing family member, a heist, and end some romance… Sounds so fun right? Well that would be the short intro to the upcoming Furious by Jamie Pacton & Rebecca Podos! This book sounds like a great time, and lets not ignore that amazing cover illustration and recently the authors showed off the under the dust jacket (see embedded post below)…so cool! I know I am preordering this one for the June 11th release! There are some awesome preorder incentive art & signed/bookplate copies, if you preorder from Room of One’s Own or River Bend Bookstores!

Books On Our Radar: Furious by Jamie Pacton & Rebecca Podos


by Jamie Pacton, Rebecca Podos
Published by: Page Street YA
on June 4, 2024
Genres: Contemporary, LGBTQIA+, Young Adult

There's nothing more thrilling than being behind the wheel when the flag drops, a stretch of track ahead and her foot on the gas. Racing is in Jojo's blood. Or at least . . . it was.

Jojo Emerson-Boyd should be on the fast track to her own wildly successful racing career. Instead, she's spending the seemingly endless summer working at her grandmother's auto shop in the small town of Dell's Hollow. Everything changed when Jojo lost her mom, a celebrity NASCAR racer, in a tragic racing accident. Now, according to her dad, even getting her license is out of the question, so she might as well forget about racing. For the first time, her future seems foggy. But something comes into focus when Eliana "El" Blum turns up at the shop with an adorable scowl, a tough-girl vibe, and a mystery to solve.

A Motorcyle Girl(TM) at heart, El grew up on the sidelines of the motocross circuit, watching Maxine, her idol of an older sister, compete. When she suddenly loses all contact with Max, El won't give up until she's found. She's determined to follow Max's trail of clues, the first of which leads straight to the auto shop and to Jojo.

Jojo and El form a quick bond, and their relationship only deepens as they investigate Max's disappearance together. Falling for each other feels effortless--El the steady, measured pace to Jojo's fast lane. Impromptu road trips, heists, street races, and ever heightening stakes that feel ripped from a Fast & Furious movie test their resolve and the strength of their relationship. When the final laps of their search reveal surprising emotional truths, they'll have to trust each other and confront the grief woven into their complicated families if they hope to chase down their dreams.

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