Books On Our Radar: The Absinthe Underground by Jamie Pacton

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Books On Our Radar: The Absinthe Underground by Jamie Pacton

Cozy romantasy fans – do I have your next TBR book, The Absinthe Underground by Jamie Pacton, is a must for anyone who can’t get enough of the friends to lovers trope and heist plots all wrapped up in a nice historical sapphic YA fantasy! I love Jamie Pacton’s books, they are all written with accessible prose and I can guarantee you can expect nothing less than lush and enchanting! And if you are thinking this cover looks familiar, yes, it is based off of that famous French absinthe poster! Add The Absinthe Underground to your TBR for the February 6th release!

Thank you to the author for sending a promo print of the cover!

Books On Our Radar: The Absinthe Underground by Jamie Pacton

The Absinthe Underground

by Jamie Pacton
Published by: Peachtree Teen
on February 6, 2024
Genres: Fantasy, Historical Fiction, LGBTQIA+, Young Adult
Pages: 304

Moulin Rouge meets Holly Black in a thrilling sapphic friends-to-lovers romantasy!

For Sybil Clarion, the Belle Époque city of Severon is a wild, romantic dream, filled with cafés, cabarets, and glittering nightclubs. Eager to embrace the city’s freedom after running away from home, she’s traded high-society soirées for empty pockets and barren cabinets. At least she has Esme, the girl who offered Sybil a home, and maybe—if either of them dared—something more.

Ever since Esme Rimbaud brought Sybil back to her flat, the girls have been everything to each other—best friends, found family, and secret crushes. While Esme would rather spend the night tinkering with her clocks and snuggling her cats, Sybil craves excitement and needs money. She plans to get both by stealing the rare posters that crop up around town and selling them to collectors. With rent due, Esme agrees to accompany—and more importantly protect —Sybil.

When they’re caught selling a poster by none other than its subject, Maeve, the glamorous girl doesn’t press charges. Rather, she invites Sybil and Esme to The Absinthe Underground, the exclusive club she co-owns, and reveals herself to be a Green Faerie, trapped in this world. She wants to hire thieves for a daring heist in Fae that would set her free, and is willing to pay enough that Sybil and Esme never have to worry about rent again. It’s too good of an offer to pass up, even if Maeve’s tragic story doesn’t quite add up, and even if Sybil’s personal ties to Fae could jeopardize everything she and Esme have so carefully built.

Jamie Pacton, author of The Vermilion Emporium , dazzles in this lavish and decedent LGBTQ+ fantasy romance that will leave readers utterly enchanted!

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