Books On Our Radar: Boat Girl by Elizabeth Foscue

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Books On Our Radar: Boat Girl: A Misadventure by Elizabeth Foscue

Boat Girl: A Misadventure by Elizabeth Foscue sounds like a really perfect summer read! A bit of family drama, a little dash of criminal thriller, a bunch of coming-of-age lessons, plus a whole dose of hilarity, and all mixed together you get a nice beachy read set on a boat – with a heroine who is quirky and one of a kind. This one is releasing on June 27th, so be sure to add that to your summer TBR!

Books On Our Radar: Boat Girl by Elizabeth Foscue

Boat Girl

by Elizabeth Foscue
Published by: Keylight Books
on June 27, 2023
Genres: Contemporary, Young Adult
Pages: 224

Fifteen-year-old Caitlin Davies’s life is challenging enough. She’s short. She’s scrawny. She prefers Evernote to SnapChat. She’s two years younger than everyone else in her grade. And now her parents are taking the family to the British Virgin Islands (BVI) . . . for a year. To live on a derelict sailboat, bought sight-unseen from navigationally-impaired cigar smugglers. So when her best—and only—friend suggests she use the move as a chance to reinvent herself, Caitlin has nothing to lose.

And it works. People (plural!) in the BVI actually like her, and not only because of the interesting stuff she found beneath her new home’s splintery floorboards. Even Tristan, the cutest guy on the island, is beguiled by her easygoing air and artfully padded bikini top. She just can’t help wondering, though, if New Caitlin and the real Caitlin have anything in common. And when the sailboat’s former owners come looking for their forgotten contraband, she wonders if she’ll ever get the chance to find out.

With a fresh style and perspective, and bursting with humor and charm, Boat Girl is a quirky and fast-paced YA coming-of-age story that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

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