Character Crush: Build-A-Book-Boyfriend

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Character Crush: Build-A-Book-Boyfriend

For something completely new and creative, I decided I should Build-A-Book-Boyfriend! I find myself constantly falling in love with the ‘boys’ in these books. And sometimes it’s so hard to choose a favorite!! So, I figured, what the heck. I’ll build my own, using some of my favorite things from favorite characters.

NOTE: It was so hard to pick and choose. I had to leave out A LOT of traits and favorite guys…maybe I’ll create a few more! Haha

Here’s what I came up with:

♥ Rhysand’s face: Duh. He’s the most gorgeous man/fae ever.
♥ Kaz’s mind/brains: He’s a mastermind, utterly brilliant. It’s hot.
♥ Noah Shaw’s accent: Does this even need an explanation?!?!
♥ Jericho Barrons’s body: Shifter, hot, powerful…yep. Sold.
♥ Four’s tattoo: I have always found it attractive. Tattoos = hotness.
♥ Gus Waters’s personality: He’s charming and witty and smart. Swoon.
♥ Azriel’s wingspan: *shrug* Sue me.
♥ Ridge Lawson’s musical talents: Musicians are hot, too! Guitarists especially.


Looking back at this, I can definitely see where I can improve my guy a bit. But for now, this is pretty darn good!

Who would make your BBF Frankenstein?


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