Comic Crush Saturday: The SDCC Edition

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SDCC was a whirlwind 5 days spent meeting authors/creators, listening to panels, sobbing over Supernatural, and generally racing around the convention center. While everyone was doing #24in48 (a readathon where you read 24 hours in 48 hours), we were doing 24k steps in 48 hours LOL. This is the first of several posts, focused on the comics part of our comic con!

Thank you to San Diego Comic Con for allowing us to cover the con on press passes!

Women of Marvel Panel

The Women of Marvel Panel is my fav comic panel of the weekend. This ongoing podcast brings together current Marvel creators, executives, and more to showcase all of the amazing projects women at Marvel are doing! Before the panel, I found a West-Coast Avengers Clint + Jeff the Landshark to go with my Doreen Green!

Check out the live coverage below.

PS it was the dream of Victoria Alonso and Trinh Tran (Executive Producers on Endgame) to surpass Avatar in highest grossing picture. Hours after putting that out in the world via this panel, their wish came true.

Are Girls Turning into Killer Cats? A Man-Eaters Panel

Chelsea Cain is a prolific feminist writer who I came to love through her take on Mockingbird. During her time writing the series, an anti-feminist group of sexist Incel Twitter troll fuck- I mean, “fan”boys harassed her and basically chased her off Twitter (don’t even get me started on the number of female creator lead comics that do not move on past their 12 issue run and why female creator lead comics overall don’t sell well in singles). True fans came behind the series in the collected editions and that just made my heart sing.

Now, Chelsea and her amazing creative team of writers, artists, and teen poets, artists, and writers (YES TEENS) put out Man-Eaters, a creator-owned comic about menstruation. Maybe you’ve seen us scream about it because it is AMAZING. So amazing that it was nominated for an Eisner and the whole crew joined the stage in a panel. Check out some highlights below!

Random House Graphic Launching First Titles

We were thrilled to see Gina Gagliano join Random House Children’s Books and create Random House Graphic, a graphic novel focused imprint. We knew the wait to the first set of graphic novels would be worth it and now they are here!

THE RUNAWAY PRINCESS (on sale January 21, 2020) follows a young princess who finds her castle intolerably boring and runs away to find adventure, make friends, and learn more about the fantastical world around her.

BUG BOYS (on sale February 11, 2020) is a chapter book that follows two young bugs as they learn about friendship and the science of the world around them.

ASTER AND THE ACCIDENTAL MAGIC (on sale March 3, 2020) is an action-packed middle-grade adventure about a girl whose parents move their family to the middle of nowhere. Aster’s new home seems far from exciting, until she figures out that the countryside might have some magic in it.

WITCHLIGHT (on sale April 14, 2020) is a queer YA fantasy romance, filled with friendship, family, falling in love, and dealing with the hardest bits of your past along the way.

Scholastic Graphix Party

This is my second year attending the Scholastic Graphix party, and a special year because this is the first year that Scholastic had a booth on the SDCC floor! The Graphix party is an opportunity for creators, educators, comic fans, and industry professionals to come together and talk about what’s coming in the next year. It’s awesome to see teachers chatting about the new things they’re doing in their classrooms. So inspiring!

In the spotlight this year were illustrators Paulina Ganucheau of She-Ra and the Princess of Power: Legend of the Fire Princess and Shannon Wright of Twins and authors Katy Farina of the Baby-Sitters Litter Sister: Karen’s Witch, Andy Runton of Owly: The Way HomeMaria Scrivan of Nat Enough, and Jimmy Gownley of Seven Reasons Not To Grow Up.

(psst Paulina Ganucheau is one of my fav artist EVER and as soon as I saw her name on She-Ra, I squealed. Her art is PERFECT!).

My Hero Academia Panel

It is so great to see anime/manga on the docket for SDCC. It is even more great to see football players share their experiences in fandom as part of the panel. This year’s panel included Kellen Goff, the voice of Overhaul, Adam Gettis, an NFLC player, Marcus Davenport from the New Orleans Saints, Clifford Chapin, the voice of Bakugo Katsuki, and fan-favorite Justin Briner, voice of Izuku Midoriya.

The event kicked off with the season 4 trailer. I’m caught up on the manga so I already know where this season is going and YET I was completely blown away.

The energy and comradery on stage was an experience. Justin and Clifford treated the audience to some in-character chat and we moved onto s04e01 footage. I got chills with the opening villain scene and can’t wait to see things play out this year. Plus, we get another movie. It’s great to see western fans embrace the series.

Of course, I had to cosplay to match the panel! I even found a Deku and Bakugo.

Other Comic Creators We Met

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  1. Seems like you had an amazing weekend! I can’t wait to see the rest of your posts 🙂 Thanks, as always, for sharing with us! I can live vicariously through you since I’ll probably never make it to SDCC.