Event Recap & Review: Find Momo Across Europe by Andrew Knapp

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What’s a better Saturday than a book event around an adorable dog? Momo, the star of the Find Momo series, came to visit Hicklebee’s so of course I had to go! I don’t think I’ve seen so many adults, kids, and dogs fit inside one store! Come for the dog photos, stay for the endearing tales of traveling in a van with a pup!

Event Recap & Review: Find Momo Across Europe by Andrew Knapp

Find Momo across Europe: Another Hide and Seek Photography Book

by Andrew Knapp
Published by: Quirk Books

Play hide-and-seek with Momo, the bandana-wearing, head-tilting border collie who loves to tuck himself away for the stunning photographs taken by his BFF Andrew. The pair’s first books—Find Momo, Find Momo Coast to Coast, and the board book Let’s Find Momo!—explored landmarks and little-known places across the US and Canada. This new addition features beautiful cities and landscapes throughout Europe. Join Andrew and Momo on their travels to Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, the UK, and more. See if you can spot Momo concealed in picturesque neighborhoods, among ancient ruins, around castles and cathedrals, at legendary attractions, and in off-the-beaten-path locations that only these seasoned travelers could find. It’s the grand tour of Europe you’ve always wanted—with Momo’s cute and happy face waiting for you at every destination.

Event Recap & Review

Find Momo began with Andrew Knapp  photographing Momo during hide and fetch. Momo would hide behind trees and peek out, which is basically the most adorable thing ever. He’s now an Instagram sensation, traveling the world with Andrew to take photos in the most fun places. 

When asked how Andrew gets Momo to hide, he gives a simple answer – he’s a very good boy. Having met Momo, I can attest to this. He played and met people while Andrew shared a slideshow from their trip to Europe. We learned that Europe is far more dog friendly than the US, with some parts being very open. Andrew also shared how he set up some of the more elaborate shots, including the cover. 

The books are not only filled with gorgeous land- and city-scapes but small stories about their time together in each place. In the most recent book set in Europe, we see Andrew’s dad joining for part of the journey and Andrew and Momo helping build an outhouse! Super cool to see their experiences. 

I loved that the books events benefited local rescues. I also loved that Andrew has a Momo stamp so signed books are from the both of them! 

I can’t wait to see where Momo and Andrew visit next. I had a blast finding Momo in the shots – some were really challenging!

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